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Lentil seeds contain many nutrients suitable for the development of the toàn thân and brain of young children. The dishes from them also have great taste, stimulating the children’s eating. Let’s get a notebook of some simple lentil recipes for gay kids below!

1. Nutrition from lentils

Lentils are legumes. Lentil seeds are round, slightly flattened, và are commonly sold in both shelled & unshelled forms. Lentils are a staple of Asian & North African cuisines, but most production today is in Canada. Overall, one cup of cooked lentils (198 grams) provides the following, although nutrition varies slightly between lentils. 


 Calories: 230 

 Carbohydrates: 39.9 grams 

 Protein: 17.9 grams 

 Fat: 0.8 grams 

 Fiber: 15.6 grams 

 Thiamine: 22% of daily intake (RDI) 

 Nicotine: 10% RDI 

 Vitamin B6: 18% of the RDI 

 Folic Acid: 90% of the RDI 

 Pantothenic acid: 13% of the RDI 

 Iron: 37% of the RDI 

 Magnesium: 18% of the RDI 

 Rin: 36% RDI 

 Potassium: 21% of the RDI 

 Zinc: 17% of the RDI 

 Bronze: 25% RDI 

 Manganese: 49% RDI 

Ingredients containing more than 25% protein should be a nutritious dish, can be used to lớn replace meat. It is also a good source of iron, a mineral often lacking in vegetarian diets. Beans are also rich in fiber, which promotes bowel movements và promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Eating lentils increases stool weight và improves bowel function.

Additionally, lentils contain many healthy plant compounds called phytochemicals, many of which help protect against chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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2. How khổng lồ cook delicious lentils for kids

2.1. Stir-fried lentils with meat


Step 1: Wash beans, peppers & meat. Cut meat, peppers và lentils into bite-sized pieces & place in separate cups. Lean meat cut into pieces, marinated with soy sauce and spices khổng lồ taste. Wait 5-7 minutes for the meat khổng lồ infuse the spices. Place the chopped lentils in the pot & cook for about 30 seconds until the beans are just cooked through. 

Step 2: Heat a pan and địa chỉ cửa hàng oil. When the oil is hot, add the pork. When the meat is just cooked, showroom 5g of wine, 5 garlic bulbs và 5g of soy sauce & stir-fry. When the garlic starts khổng lồ turn yellow, showroom the lentils & pepper & saute until fragrant. 

Step 3: địa chỉ cửa hàng pepper, 2 grams of chicken powder and 2 grams of salt to fry. Put a little water in a pan mixed with cornstarch and continue khổng lồ use your hands lớn blend the ingredients. 

Step 4: Put the fried lentils on a plate. Sprinkle pepper on đứng top to showroom flavor. Prepare 1 cup of spicy và sour soy sauce soaked in stir-fried lentils. You can use it with hot rice, fried with vermicelli or mixed vermicelli when bored with rice.

2.2. Lentil soup

Ingredients for the soup: 600 grams of carrots, 140 grams of peeled lentils, 125 ml of unsweetened fresh milk, 2 teaspoons of cumin, A little crushed dried pepper, Unsweetened yogurt, added spices.Making:

Step 1: Cook vegetable broth: Peel and cut carrots. Celery washed, cut into small pieces. Onions & peppers sliced ​​and minced. Pour 2 liters of water into all the ingredients, simmer for about 40-50 minutes, pour the water into another pan và strain the used vegetables.


Step 2: Prepare vegetarian lentil soup. Carrots do not need lớn be peeled khổng lồ cook soup, you wash them thoroughly, cut them into pieces và put them in a blender khổng lồ puree. 

Step 3: Heat a non-stick pan, add cumin seeds & dried chili peppers, bake for 1 minute, start to lớn smell, half scoop and set aside.

Put the olive oil, grated carrots and lentils in the pan, then địa chỉ cửa hàng the vegetable soup & milk. Bring khổng lồ a boil and simmer over low heat for about 20 to 30 minutes until the lentils swell and soften. You can showroom seasoning as you like.

Step 4: Put the lentil mixture in a blender và blend until smooth. Ladle into a bowl, địa chỉ cửa hàng unsweetened yogurt & toasted dill. Heat it up with bread và enjoy.

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2.3. Chicken lentil porridge 

How lớn choose good broccoli: 

– By color: When choosing cauliflower, give preference lớn bright trắng flowers as trắng as possible. As with broccoli, the darker the flower, the sweeter và softer the taste. Don’t choose cauliflower that looks spotty, bumpy, or yellow. 

– Based on shape & size: Cauliflower is heavy, fits in the hand, has a moderate weight, và has a fresh green, wilting stalk that is a delicious flower. You should also pay attention to choose cauliflower flowers that are intact, not cracked, crushed, damaged.

– Based on the hardness: You can feel the firmness, crunchiness and firmness by touching the surface of the cauliflower with your hand. No hanging means the cauliflower is still fresh. Note that you should not buy flowers with soft stems và wilted leaves!


 Step 1: First, you put lentils in a pot & then wash them. Next, you wash & dry the broccoli, just lượt thích the lentils and carrots.

For carrots, you need lớn scrape the length with two fingers. Cut the broccoli into small pieces about a finger! 

Finally, you peel, wash & diced the onion. 

Step 2: Cook porridge 

Put the prepared ingredients in a pan containing 700 ml of filtered water. Next, put the pan on the stove, cook porridge on low heat for 20 minutes & then cover. 

Step 3: Puree the porridge

After the porridge is cooked, use the immersion blender to puree the porridge. Then showroom 2 tablespoons of canola oil và mix well. Finally, you just need khổng lồ pour the porridge into the bowl, let it cool & then feed it lớn your baby! 

Step 4: Finished product 

In just a few steps, you’ll have a delicious lentil porridge with eye-catching colors, delicious flavors and important nutrients for your baby. If you want the porridge to have a richer taste, try using a little more fish sauce!

2.4. Lentil tea


Step 1: Wash and cook lentils 

Wash the beans & dry. 

Put the red lentils và pandan leaves in the pot và cook for about 30 minutes until the lentils are soft, remove và drain. 

Step 2: Puree the lentils and knead the dough 

First, puree the red lentils with a blender & a small amount of beans. 

Add tapioca flour khổng lồ the red bean mixture & gently knead it into a soft dough. 

Roll the dough into small round bowls that fit your hand, put in the pot & cook until done, take out and drain. (Note lớn cook with salt)


Step 3. Boil a mixture of water, jaggery và pandan leaves 

Bring a mixture of 200 ml of water, 120 g of jaggery & the rest of pandan leaves khổng lồ a boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes. 

Add the previous bowl of flour khổng lồ the water mixture above & cook for 7 minutes. 

Add tapioca starch & potato starch, cook for 3 more minutes and then turn off the heat.

Step 4. Make Coconut Milk 

Put 100 ml of coconut milk, 8g of white sugar, 2 sprigs of pandan leaves, 5g of tapioca flour & 1g of salt in a pan, bring to lớn a boil & then turn off the heat.

Step 5. Finish Red Lentil Soup 

Ladle the tea into a bowl, pour coconut milk và sprinkle white sesame on top. Lentil soup cooked with coconut milk is very delicious và nutritious.

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3. Buy cheap lentil seeds where prestige and quality?

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