Sausage Filled Crepes

Sausage crepes with a hint of sweet from sun-dried tomato và maple béchamel sauce. The subtle maple flavor in creamy béchamel is harmonious with the salty savory sausage and tart sun-dried tomato, all in soft scrambled egg và delicate crepe. Sweet meets savory for breakfast or brunch in these divine egg & sausage crepes with exquisite flavor.

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Why you will love this recipe

This recipe for sausage crepes is so special and I’m pretty proud of it khổng lồ be honest. Crepes are one of my favorite foods, & I go out lớn eat often just to lớn get them. Randomly, I have three crepes restaurants right near my house, so I’m always going, comparing, & coming up with new ideas. This recipe was completely inspired by such an outing. But the maple bechamel is my special touch.

My savory crepes recipe uses no special pan or equipment – just a small skillet & rubber spatula. The crepes can also be made a day in advance và I often vị that. The sausage and egg filling comes together very quickly, then we just địa chỉ cheese, wrap in crepes và serve topped with the maple béchamel (which is omg so good và also cooks up quickly).

Even though this recipe is not hard to make whatsoever, you will love this recipe because it is so dang delicious. The incredible combination of flavors here is off the charts tasty .


About the ingredients

The ingredients are listed in the recipe thẻ below. They are all straightforward và easy to obtain. I got all my ingredients at Walmart, easy peasy.

For the maple-flavored sausage, I used generic sausage patties & broke them up while cooking to get the sausage browned and crumbled. You could also use links – just cook them then slice into little rounds. If maple-flavored sausage is not available, simple use regular sausage & don’t sweat it.

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Be sure khổng lồ get sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil. Sun-dried tomatoes in oil are tender; sun-dried tomatoes not in oil are tough. I purchase jars of julienne-cut sun-dried tomato so I don’t have khổng lồ chop. You make want to lớn chop them further according to lớn how you lượt thích them.

How make sausage crepes

First, we assemble our ingredients together & have everything ready khổng lồ go. Make sure your sausage is already cooked too. Then we are able khổng lồ knock this recipe out fairly quickly.

Making the maple béchamel starts with making a basic trắng béchamel: so we make a roux with butter và flour, and add the milk and cream. The key is to whisk constantly so the milk does not scorch on the bottom of the saucepan. Once thickened (think, the consistency of alfredo sauce or melted ice cream), we địa chỉ cửa hàng the rest of the ingredients và take off the heat.

To make the egg and sausage filling, we combine those ingredients and add to the skillet to make scrambled eggs. Use a rubber spatula khổng lồ lovingly make long curds of soft scrambled egg as the egg cooks on the bottom of the pan. You are finished cooking when the egg is set but still soft – so, sooner than you think because the egg will continue lớn cook once removed from the heat (and we don’t want dry egg).

Assemble your crepes with egg và sausage filling and mozzarella cheese. Vị trí cao nhất with the maple béchamel. I also like to finish with a light sprinkling of fresh parsley và ground nutmeg.



Can regular sausage be substituted for maple-flavored sausage?

Yes, regular breakfast sausage may be substituted for maple-flavored sausage. Another alternative is to lớn use links – cook then slice into rounds before adding to lớn the eggs.