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Easy to bake kuih bingka ubi kayu | Baked cassava cake.Its egg miễn phí and gluten không tính tiền Malaysian traditional sweet bite.

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Food and Story

Have you triedKuih Bingka Ubi Kayu |Cassava Cakebefore? My parents used to grow tapioca plant or cassava plant in our backyard.Once these tubers are ready, dad would pull the plant out, mom would clean dirt around the tubers, peeled off its thick skin and started to lớn grate.A lot of work involved.After grating she would squeeze the starch.Then she would địa chỉ coconut milk, sugar and pour in a pot that look like angel cake mould.She then cook on stove until the cake caramelised in rich golden in colour.The generation before her (ie my grandparents era),Kuih Bingka Ubi Kayu | CassavaCakewas cooked over wood fire.And some charcoal heat were added on the pot cover for perfect browning top và bottom.I can only imagined thatKuih Bingka Ubi Kayu|CassavaCakecook over wood fire would so tasty!The worst part of the day was ...waiting for the cake lớn cool completely :)

What Kuih means....

Malaysiankuih(pronounce as coo-way)or finger food , can be applied to booth; sweet và savoury.We can have these kuih / finger food at any time of the day; kuih for breakfast, kuih for afternoon tea or kuih for dessert.I cannot imagine myself having a slice of cheesecake for breakfast, another slice for afternoon tea, another for dessert.It"ll be bit too much for even one slice for one sitting for entire day.But with Malaysian kuih, not limiting khổng lồ onlyKuih Bingka Ubi Kayu
|CassavaCake,others likeI can have them as many as I like without feeling like a balloon at the kết thúc of the day.After all, our staple breakfast ranges from Nasi Lemak (coconut rice with sambal), noodles, flat bread known as roti canai & of course these lovely kuih spread

How khổng lồ cookKuih Bingka Ubi Kayu| Cassava Cake

I am all into short cuts & making my life easy, less mess in the kitchen as well as not to compromise the taste.Instead of grating lượt thích mom used khổng lồ do, I buy the frozen grated tapioca from Asian grocer!Then I địa chỉ cửa hàng all other ingredients... Straight into the oven ;PThat is it!!! Less mess, less work but still... The worst part is the "WAITING"!

ServingKuih Bingka Ubi Kayu|Cassava Cake

Once you notice thatKuih Bingka Ubi Kayu
|Tapioca Cake is crusty & golden around its edges, its ready to lớn come out from the oven.

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LetKuih Bingka Ubi Kayu|Tapioca Cake completely cool, in its pan before slicing.

How to store Kuih Bingka Ubi Kayu|Cassava Cake

Best keep them in an air tight container at room temperature, once it has completely cool.Kuih Bingka Ubi Kayu
|Cassava Cake is best eaten within 48 hours.Recipe below : Courtesy from my sis :D

How khổng lồ bake Kuih Bingka Ubi Kayu / Cassava Cake video

I made a simple clip (above) lớn show how easy it is to make Malaysiankuihat home.