Fridge pickled kohlrabi and carrots


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Naturally Fermented Kohlrabi Carrot Pickles – Crisp và Bright

After brining with spices & water và left to lớn ferment for 4-5 five days, you’ll have probiotic-rich and flavorful, naturally fermented Kohlrabi Carrot Pickles. These crisp và bright-tasting pickles showroom a welcome crunch when tossed into salads, layered in sandwiches,

rolled in lettuce wraps with homemade Hummus or served alongside a veggie burger.

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Lacto-fermented Kohlrabi Carrot pickles make a great introduction both to the little-known kohlrabi and to the art of fermentation.

♪♫• The kohlrabi tuy vậy ♪♫• Whenever I hear the word “kohlrabi” (kohl-rah-bee) my mind quickly jumps lớn the first two lines of the 1958 tuy nhiên Volare. Listen khổng lồ Dean Martin’s version lớn get the melody. Then simply replace the words volare & contare with kohlrabi, và sing a tune that will stay with you throughout the day.