Easy Microwave Caramel Sauce


Although it tastes like the decadently delicious, old-fashioned kind, this microwave caramel sauce is amazingly easy & involves less than 5 minutes of hands-on time!

I love making your life in the kitchen a little easier - & a little more delicious. Oh, & there"s one other thing I really enjoy... It"s making you look like a rock star in the eyes of your family/friends/guests with minimal effort on your part. That"s exactly the scenario you"ll find when you whip up a batch of this super easy, never fail, crazy delicious Microwave Caramel Sauce.

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Who doesn"t love a great caramel sauce?

And, it"s the real deal, the kind of rich, silky-smooth, deeply golden-hued caramel sauce you"d find at a fancy little dessert café. The kind everyone goes crazy over. But we"ve figured out a way to lớn take all the fuss & complication out of making a truly fine, real-deal, caramel sauce.

A super easy technique

I can"t take credit for this clever microwave caramel sauce method. No, the brilliant folks at Cook"s Illustrated came up with an ingenious way khổng lồ make old-fashioned caramel sauce in a new-fangled way. If you"ve ever tried to lớn make caramel sauce (the real, real deal) you"re probably well aware that it"s not the easiest thing in the world to execute. It has lớn be watched extremely carefully and there can be all sorts of issues with the sugar mixture seizing and/or burning, during the process of being transformed into the perfect amber hue.


This Cook"s Illustrated method relies on the microwave khổng lồ eliminate all the traditional complications. I love that the hands-on time is well under five minutes, & the only close watching that"s necessary is in the last few minutes.

Does this seem hard to lớn believe? Nope, check out how it works; combine sugar, water và a drizzle of corn syrup in a microwave-safe bowl (the corn syrup helps prevent crystallization). Give it a quick stir, pop the whole works in the microwave và let it vày its thing. I lượt thích to phối a timer for about 5 minutes, as that"s the point where you need lớn give the bubbling bowl a bit of attention.

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The goal of making an old fashioned, really flavorful caramel sauce is lớn cook the sugar syrup until it "caramelizes" and reaches a deep amber color. In the microwave, however, it"s a little different. The mixture will continue to lớn cook after it"s taken out of the microwave. So you want lớn pull it out just when it"s beginning lớn turn a light amber. Trust me on this one. I was a bit dubious the first time I made the microwave caramel sauce, và let it go too long resulting in a burned, bitter mess.

Carefully pull the hot sugar mixture out of the microwave when you notice the màu sắc change. Have patience và you"ll be amazed to lớn see how much the hue deepens over the next five minutes. All that"s left is to địa chỉ a splash of heavy cream, a dollop of butter, vanilla extract, then give the sauce a vigorous stir. If you want to lớn take it over the top, add a pinch of flaky sea salt (like Maldon). Voila! The deepest, richest, most decadent caramel sauce you"ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.


The real deal

You might be wondering why I keep emphasizing that this is "real", authentic caramel sauce. It"s because, for years, I made a "cheater"s" version of caramel sauce. I call it my Ridiculously Easy Caramel Sauce. It"s delicious (actually ridiculously delicious!) but really, it"s more of a butterscotch sauce (with brown sugar, cream & butter as the main ingredients) than a true caramel which, as we spoke about earlier, calls for caramelized sugar. I love now having both versions in my dessert arsenal and I"m still amazed that "real" is now just as easy as the Ridiculously Easy sauce! Wooohooo & thanks Cook"s Illustrated!


If you need a delicious, super easy, gourmet dessert in a hurry, pick up some good quality vanilla ice cream (or frozen custard!) and whip up a batch of this Microwave Caramel Sauce. After the first little taste, everyone will know it"s "real" caramel sauce, but you don"t have to lớn tell them about the "easy" part. Just smile humbly and accept your newfound rock star status!

P.S. One last thing: you might want to lớn go ahead and make a batch of this easy microwave caramel sauce. We have a fabulous new French Caramel táo khuyết Cake recipe coming. The "caramel" part is (yes, you guessed it) this delicious sauce. It"s spread on the bottom of the pan with a layer of chopped apples on top. I won"t "spill all the beans", but it"s so delicious & a perfect cake for all those fall holidays và special occasions coming up!


Café Tips for making this Microwave Caramel Sauce...

Don"t skip the corn syrup. When you are caramelizing sugar, a big problem is that it can easily crystalize in the process. Once sugar crystallizes, there"s no going back. You have lớn throw it out and start over. A small amount of corn syrup works perfectly khổng lồ prevent crystalization!Be sure to lớn remove the sugar solution from the microwave right when it turns a pale amber as it will continue khổng lồ cook for a few more minutes & turn deeper amber.This caramel sauce will thicken when chilled. To thin out just re-warm for 30-40 seconds in the microwave. Be sure you vì chưng it in a microwave-safe container!If you lượt thích a really thick caramel sauce, just give it another minute or two in the microwave after it"s finished.Did the sauce get too thick? Just địa chỉ cửa hàng a little extra cream và stir well.This sauce will keep well for several weeks in the refrigerator.

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