Coffee flan recipe


Coffee Flan is a delicious twist on the classic custard dessert. Creamy, velvety soft, and with the most intense coffee flavor, it’s guaranteed to satisfy sweet cravings!


This coffee-flavored custard is softer và less creamy than our classic Filipino leche flan as it uses whole eggs. & because it’s more liquid from the egg whites, it has a tendency to bubble up.

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How to lớn make flan smooth

Stir the eggs & milk in one direction & refrain from beating vigorously which can introduce air to lớn the mixture.Strain the mixture using a cheesecloth or fine-mesh sieve khổng lồ remove any stray whites.If the mixture appears foamy, let stand for a few minutes for the bubbles lớn subside.Do not steam or bake at too high temperature. Use a water bath or bain marie khổng lồ ensure the temperature rises slowly & the custard thickens gradually.

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Do not overcook. The flan is done when a insert a toothpick in the center comes out clean.

If you prefer a lighter custard, substitute regular milk for the evaporated.For a richer flavor and denser texture, use 12 egg yolks instead of 6 whole eggs.Don’t forget to địa chỉ salt! A small pinch will help cut through the bitterness of the coffee for a smoother taste.Dissolve the instant coffee granules in a tablespoon of warm water and allow lớn cool completely before adding to lớn the egg-milk mixture.

How to lớn store

Allow the custard khổng lồ cool complete and refrigerate for up to lớn 3 days.It’s best khổng lồ keep in the ramekins with the foil cover intact lớn maintain the quality. Invert on a plate when ready to lớn serve.If already removed from the ramekins, transfer to flan to lớn a container with a tight-fitting lid lớn keep the caramel và custard from drying out.