Need a quick dessert? make a caramel cake in your air fryer

This air fryer caramel táo bị cắn pie filling dump cake is a quick & easy dessert khổng lồ make. Enjoy it as it is or đứng đầu with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. If you love dump cake recipes than you will love making this in the air fryer. It’s the perfect dessert lớn serve any time of the year.

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A dump cake, which typically includes some type of cake mix, is my by simply dumping in the ingredients together. You can mix them in a large bowl before transferring directly lớn a pan or some prefer to lớn mix it right in the pan.

Some dump cakes are more cobbler like. These types of dump cakes are usually made with canned fruit or a pie filling. The cake mix is sprinkled over the top and then baked. This creates a cake like crumb topping during the baking process. This air fryer dump cake is similar to lớn this. It has the fruit filling on the bottom with the cake crumble layer on top.

Air Fryer Caramel táo bị cắn Pie Filling Dump Cake


This easy táo bị cắn dessert uses canned táo apple fruit filling. Use your favorite brand or make your own táo pie filling. I’ve added caramel bits into the táo bị cắn pie filling but there is an táo bị cắn pie filling on the market that already includes caramel. Lucky Leaf makes a caramel táo bị cắn pie filling that is perfect for using in dump cakes. If you choose lớn use this brand the added caramel bits can be left out.

Ingredients for Caramel hãng apple Pie Filling Dump Cake:


Box of yellow cake mix – I used yellow cake mix. You can also used other cake mix flavors such as spice cake mix, carrot cake, butter pecan & even classic trắng cake mix. They also taste delicious with this recipe. Use your favorite box of cake set for this quick dessert recipe.

Cans of táo khuyết pie filling – you will want one can of táo bị cắn dở pie filling about đôi mươi to 21 ounces in size. Use your favorite brand. You can also use your own homemade táo khuyết pie filling made from fresh apples.

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Butter – I used butter because it adds a nice flavor khổng lồ the topping. You can swap this out for your favorite type of butter or margarine.

Caramel bits – I find these in the same section of the grocery store where you would find chocolate chips. They are Kraft caramel bits. Don’t want to use caramel bits?

If you can’t find these caramel bits you can use regular caramel candies that you find individually wrapped. Cut them into four pieces lớn make them closer in form size to the caramel bits. You will need about 12-13 caramel squares lớn equal the amount of caramel bits in this recipe.

Non stick cooking spray – this will help the đứng đầu of your dump cake lớn brown while cooking.

Equipment you will need:

Air fryer – I have a power nguồn XL as well a Corsori 5.8 quart air fryer.

Baking pan or baking dish – you’ll want a small baking pan that will fit into your air fryer. There are lots of options available on Amazon that are designed khổng lồ fit all the various types of air fryers. The one I used is about 3 inches deep.

Mixing bowl

How to make Air Fryer táo bị cắn dở Pie Filling Dump Cake:


How bởi I store this hãng apple Pie dump cake?

Store in a covered airtight container in the refrigerator up lớn 5 days. As this cake contains fruit it should not be left out on the counter because it will spoil quickly.

Can I use different fruit pie filling in this dump cake?

Yes! This is such as easy recipe. Just about any type of canned fruit pie filling works in this cake. You can leave out the caramel bits if they won’t work with the flavor of the pie filling you are using.

What can I serve with this táo pie filled dump cake?

The entire family enjoys this recipe. But we each like to serve it a different way. I’m a tín đồ of topping it with a bit of whipped cream. Others enjoy this with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The ones with a sweet tooth lượt thích to have their táo pie dump cake with a scoop of ice cream & a bit of caramel sauce drizzled over the top. No matter how you serve this up everyone will love the flavor of this delicious recipe.