Fried calamari recipe


Crispy fried Calamari is one of the most classic appetizers consisting of lightly battered rings of squid that’s quickly fried & served with a warm marinara sauce. It’s very easy lớn make homemade calamari for as a nice dinner các buổi party appetizer. (You can easily make fried calamari gluten free too!)


Fried Calamari

You can see Calamari on just about every restaurant menu across the country. It is that popular but not surprising!

There is so much satisfying textures & flavors in this simple dish, you can’t resist it. The crunchy light breading on a chewy and slightly sweet calamari makes a great combination of textures. Adding a warm marinara sauce for the dipping bring the whole bite together.

What is Calamari?

Did you know that the word “calamari” is actually Italian for “squid?!” How fun is that! It’s pretty clear & straightforward. Although, in the US we know it more as a specific method of preparation of squid and that is battered & fried rings of squid.

Calamari has white flesh và tastes very mild & slightly sweet. That is why it’s best with simply seasoned batter và a basic tomato marinara.

Although squid is usually chewy, it should not be rubbery. You should only cook calamari either nice và slow at low temperature, like in a soup or Paella, or fast at high temperature, when searing or frying.

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Even though we know it in US as this crunchy, slightly chewy rings of squid, there are actually a lot of different ways to cook it. Many nations across the world include squid in various dishes, like in Paella, Cioppino, risotto, soups, & even seared, grilled, or fried whole.


If you got a whole squid, it’s very easy & much cheaper khổng lồ clean at home. It will take you 5-10 minutes to lớn clean the squid.

Remove the head from the mantle (body) by gently pulling on the head & tangles lớn pull out the innards. Make sure lớn remove the beak from underneath the tentacles by gently squeezing it & pulling it out. Cut off the tentacles right between the eye và where they connect.


Pull the cartilage out of the mangle & rinse out the tentacles và the mantle inside and out. Take the skin off, if you wish, by pinching it and pulling it off. It should peel off quite easy.

If you want to see detailed instructions & a video, please kiểm tra out our post on how lớn clean squid.

How lớn Make Fried Calamari

Remove the calamari once it’s cooked & allow it lớn drain excess oil on the prepared paper towel covered wire rack.


Serve the freshly fried calamari with marinara dipping sauce or lemon aioli, & enjoy!


Where can I buy squid?

You have a few options as far as buying squid goes. The one I highly recommend is getting fresh squid from a seafood market! You can buy it whole and clean it at home, or you can see if they have squid already cleaned out & broken down.

Many fish mongers will be more than happy to even clean the squid for you, so don’t be afraid lớn ask. If you don’t have access to lớn a seafood market or fresh squid, you can buy cleaned squid frozen. Make sure to slow-thaw it first in the refrigerator và then cook as directed.

Why does the squid need to be soaked in milk?

Soaking squid helps lớn tenderize it & lessens the fishy scent. The lactic acid in the milk helps to tenderize the muscle fibers so it helps prevent squid from turning rubbery.

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What to lớn Serve with Fried Calamari

Calamari is classically served with Marinara Sauce, but it also goes great with aioli and other creamy mayonnaise based sauces. For an easy lemon aioli, simply combine 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, 1 small garlic clove (pressed), zest off of 1 lemon, và a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. địa chỉ cửa hàng some salt & pepper to lớn taste, và voila!


Make calamari gluten free by using gluten không tính phí all purpose flour.When soaking, work in batches to dredge and fry so pieces don’t stick together và dry evenly.Raw squid actually freezes well, so you can always clean và cut the squid and then freeze it khổng lồ use when needed. Get a few pounds at a time, clean it, và freeze in batches. Use zip-top freezer bags to freeze it and make sure to lớn get all the air out of the bags and label. Freeze squid for up lớn 2 months.

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