The best whipped cream frosting


This is the BEST Whipped Cream Frosting recipe for frosting desserts. It’s easy lớn make and it’s more stable than regular whipped cream, so it’s perfect if you need to lớn frost cupcakes or cakes in advance.

I’ve been making this for strawberry shortcake cakes for years but I also love it on all desserts. This will be your new favorite frosting recipe!

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Stabilized Whipped Cream frosting for Cake Decorating

I love whipped cream, but using it as a frosting isn’t always my favorite way to lớn use it. If you’ve ever used it to lớn decorate cakes and cupcakes you might have noticed that it doesn’t hold well for very long. It’s great if you plan to serve a dessert right away, but if you want to frost them ahead of time it’s not always the best choice. It tends to break down and weep, which means it releases moisture. So not good.

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The good news is that you can have that fresh whipped cream flavor in a frosting và make it so it’s stable and holds its shape. You just need lớn know the secret và I think you’re going to lớn love it! This whipped cream frosting is my favorite frosting recipe lớn use when I want a light và creamy frosting.

Sturdy Whipped Cream Frosting Ingredients

For this recipe we’re basically making a cream cheese whipped cream. It works perfectly every time and it’s great if you need to make a whipped cream icing ahead of time because it holds up. I’m so excited to lớn show you how khổng lồ make frosting with heavy whipping cream – it’s seriously the best! Here’s what you need to make it:

Softened cream cheesePowdered sugarVanilla extractCold heavy whipping cream

The cream cheese is the secret for making stable whipped cream frosting. If you leave it out, you’re basically making whipped cream. Adding it in thickens the frosting & gives it structure.

Be sure to let it soften before you use it. Just leave it out at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before you make the frosting. It will be much easier khổng lồ mix if it’s soft.

I’ve tested this recipe with granulated sugar và powdered sugar và I prefer the powdered sugar. I often save unused frosting in the refrigerator and it seems to hold up better when I make it with powdered sugar. If you only have granulated sugar, you can use it but the leftovers may not keep as well.

Unlike the cream cheese, you want your heavy cream khổng lồ be very cold when you make this frosting. Cold whipped cream is easier & quicker khổng lồ whip into a light & fluffy state.

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How lớn Make Whipped Cream Frosting

You can use a handheld mixer or a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment for this recipe.

Beat the cream cheese until it’s smooth. địa chỉ powdered sugar and vanilla.Beat the cream cheese, powdered sugar, và vanilla together until the mixture is smooth & thick.Adjust the speed to medium-high và slowly showroom the heavy cream. Whip the mixture until it holds stiff peaks. You can test it by lifting the whisk (or beaters). The frosting should lift up and hold its shape without collapsing back into itself.The frosting will look like regular whipped cream except with a thicker consistency.

Can I use half and half or light cream instead of heavy whipping cream?

For this recipe, you definitely want to use heavy whipping cream. Lighter creams or half và half won’t work as well.

How long does whipped cream frosting last?

If you aren’t planning lớn use the frosting right away store it in an airtight container. It will keep well in the refrigerator for up to lớn two days.

Can I pipe this frosting?

Yes, it’s perfect for piping! Sometimes I go for a rustic look và dollop and spread it on cupcakes và cakes, but it’s great if you want to pipe it because it’s thick and sturdy.

Once you know how to lớn make whipped cream frosting, you’ll want to lớn use it again & again for all of your favorite desserts. It’s so creamy & pretty much goes with anything! When I want a stabilized whipped cream it’s the recipe I turn to lớn – I hope you love it, too!