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Ermine frosting is made by cooking milk, sugar, & flour into a roux. This roux is then added lớn whipped butter, which creates a rich and creamy, yet light, airy, & fluffy buttercream that is less sweet than traditional buttercreams.

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Frosting Made with boiled milk roux called Ermine Table of Content

Often referred khổng lồ as boiled milk frosting, roux frosting, or flour frosting, this is no new buttercream. In fact, it has been here for many years. But, recently has gained some renewed popularity.

So, yes, this is an old-fashion buttercream. I grew up calling this boiled flour frosting until I became a professional cake decorator. My mom would make this for cupcakes. In fact, it was often her default for cupcakes. Because it is light, airy, very fluffy, & best of all, less sweet than American buttercream.

Why make this frosting

It"s one of the less sweet buttercreams you can make! & you can also replace some of the butter in this frosting with cream cheese khổng lồ make a cream cheese ermine frosting.
Frosting Made with boiled milk roux called Ermine

Ingredients & substitutes

Butter - I always use unsalted butter and butter that is white in color. The màu sắc of your frosting will depend on the màu sắc of the butter. Sugar - This frosting is less sweet than regular frosting. But you can địa chỉ up to lớn ½ cup additional sugar. Alternatively, you can taste the buttercream and add a few tablespoons of powdered sugar khổng lồ bring khổng lồ your taste. Flour - I am using all-purpose flour. I think that works best for this. Milk - I like to use whole milk of about 3%. Using low-fat milk will make a very thin consistency buttercream, which might not be easy khổng lồ spread.
White Frosting Made with boiled milk roux called Ermine
Cook until you have a thick smooth paste for about 5 lớn 7 mins. Then, remove from heat và transfer to a cool bowl.Pro tip - Transferring khổng lồ a clean bowl will ensure the mixture stops cooking & prevent lumps.
Frosting Made with boiled milk roux called Ermine Gradually, địa chỉ the cooled roux - one tablespoon at a time. Make sure to lớn scrape the sides of the bowl for any butter stuck khổng lồ the bowl.
white Frosting Made with boiled milk roux called Ermine Once all the milk paste/roux has been added, whip the buttercream on medium-high tốc độ for 2 full minutes until light và fluffy.Pro tip - It is important khổng lồ whip the buttercream so you have a consistency similar to whipped cream. Otherwise, it mixture will be very soft & won"t be easy khổng lồ frost.Finally, địa chỉ cửa hàng the vanilla extract and any other flavoring if desired.

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Frosting Made with boiled milk roux called Ermine

Frosting a cake

This frosting is best used when just made as it"s smooth và creamy.And if it is too soft, place it in the fridge for a few minutes, then re-whip it again.
Easy Frosting Made with boiled milk roux called Ermine

Tips for Success

Cook the milk paste on medium-low heat so the milk does not get burnt. Burt milk frosting does not taste good. You want the flour paste to cook until thick lượt thích toothpaste consistency. If it is too liquid the frosting will be soft and not hold up. Use room temperature butter but not too soft. You want the butter khổng lồ whip creamy consistency so the paste will emulsify & not break Curdles frosting - This can happen in a few circumstances: If you showroom warm roux to lớn cold butter it will curdle not cream.Also, if you địa chỉ cold roux to cold butter it will result in curdling. Work at a similar temperature.And, of course, if they try to lớn re-whip cold frosting it will curdle because this one has flour which kinda sets the buttercream.Greasy frosting - Adding a warm roux khổng lồ warm butter will cause the frosting lớn become greasy. Chill it then re-whip it.What you can and cannot vì chưng with Ermine frosting. You can use it to fill and frost cakes & cupcakesIt works great to lớn pipe borders & patterns on the cakeErmine frosting is perfect on the day it is made. After that, the flour in the frosting thickens and you kết thúc up with lumpy frosting.

What can you bởi with this frosting?

There is so much you can bởi vì with ermine frosting. And yet, there are limitations lớn its uses. For example:

You can use it to lớn fill and frost cakes & cupcakes.It also works great to pipe borders và patterns on the cake.Also, Ermine frosting is perfect on the day it is made. After that, the flour in the frosting thickens and you over up with lumpy frosting.

How to lớn flavor Ermine frosting

The frosting is soft, so it"s best to lớn use fruit powders instead of fruit purees.

Chocolate - địa chỉ cửa hàng 2 tablespoon cocoa powder to lớn make a chocolate Ermine frosting. Add at the end of the whipping.Add 2 tablespoon fruit powder such as strawberry, raspberry, & berry at the end of the final whipping.Peanut butter - You can use ¼ cup peanut butter but it will make the frosting softer. Others - You can địa chỉ cửa hàng 50 grams of melted chocolate, ¼ cup caramel sauce, dulce de leche, và lemon curd. It will make the frosting softer (still delicious).

How much buttercream frosting vì chưng I need for my cake?

This is a general guide I use for my cakes. Chú ý I have given you the filling and frosting separately so you can choose lớn use another filling with your buttercream. If you choose lớn fill & frost the cake with this - you can use the last column/total. The amount is in cups - 1 kgs frosting makes about 8 cups

6-inch5-inch21.5 C2.5 C4.5 C
8-inch6-inch22 C4 C6 C
9-inch7-inch22.5 C5 C7.5 C
10-inch8-inch23 C6 C9 C
12-inch10-inch25 C8 C13 C
14-inch12-inch27 C10 C17 C
Sheet9x13x212 C5 C12 C
Tube9-inch14 C4 C
Cupcake123 C3 C

How long will this Ermine frosting keep?

Once frosted, the cakes và cupcakes with Ermine frosting will keep in the fridge for three lớn four days. And the frosting itself will keep in the fridge for up to lớn a week. However, you will need to lớn bring it to room temperature and re-whip it.

What does ermine frosting taste like?

Absolutely delicious. It has the texture of whipped cream. Smooth, creamy, and yet light, airy, & fluffy. & the best part is, that it is less sweet than traditional frostings. But, you certainly can showroom a little more sugar if you want.

Can I freeze this frosting?

I believe you can freeze this frosting for up lớn a month in freezer-safe bags. However, you will need khổng lồ thaw it in the fridge overnight và then re-whip it before using it.

Can I make the roux/milk paste in advance?

Yes, you can make the milk paste or roux up to lớn 2 days in advance. But, make sure lớn cover with a cling wrap touching the surface of the roux to lớn prevent skin from forming.

My Ermine frosting is too soft? Why is my ermine buttercream runny?

If the butter is too soft or the roux is too warm, it will cause the butter khổng lồ melt & become soft. This often happens in hot and humid conditions. But, don"t worry, just place it in the fridge for a few minutes, then, re-whip again. & depending on how warm the mixture gets, you may need lớn chill it a few times. Another reason it can be soft is if you have not cooked the roux until it"s thick. A very liquid roux can make the buttercream soft. For example, see the consistency of the roux in the image below. This is what you want.

How do you thicken ermine frosting?

First, let the buttercream cool for a while. This will let the starch in the buttercream cool, which in turn helps it thicken. Then, whip until light và fluffy.

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