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không đúng Gon snacks in delicious, cheap? vì you know? The article below summarizes the top 10 delicious & cheap Saigon snacks that are very soft, after eating only "Gat Gu".


Sai Gon snacks in delicious, cheap? vì you know? The article below summarizes the top 10 delicious and cheap Saigon snacks that are very soft, after eating only "Gat Gu".

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1 / Saigon mixed rice paper - Snacks associated with childhood

Mix rice paper is a delicious dish not only famous in Saigon but also when it appeared in Hanoi, it has also become a "hot trend" dish that is very popular with young people. Only from simple ingredients such as shredded rice paper, mixed with dried fried shrimp, beef, little laksa, sour papaya, stringed peanuts, boiled quail eggs, ... Mixed well with tamarind water Sweet, or kumquat (quất) is already a delicious snack of không nên Thanh.

Price range: 10,000 - 15,000 VND / bag.

2 / Saigon roasted rice paper has a wonderful smell of street food at night

Referring lớn Saigon"s mixed rice paper, you cannot forget the hot và crispy Saigon girdle baked on charcoal. Different from mixed rice paper, baked rice paper is spread a little layer of egg on the surface of rice paper with minced meat, onion fat, baked until golden yellow. A deliciously scented rice paper spread throughout the street of Saigon snack area at night.

Price range: 10,000 - 15,000 VND / unit.

3 / Saigon Snail - Delicious snacks in Saigon, attractive to men.

Traveling to lớn Saigon, you can easily find many delicious & cheap Saigon snail shops from the alley lớn the main road. Made with all kinds of delicious Saigon snail dishes, such as steamed snails, boiled snails, stir-fried snails, baked snails, .. With all kinds of spices like garlic, onion, chili, pepper, laksa leaves, ...

Price range: 25,000 - 50,000 VND / bowl (depending on type).

4 / Saigon Flavored Rice - Snacks can be a gift for friends.

Anyone who has ever savored Saigon"s scrub-fried rice will surely not forget the salty taste of the scrub, the greasy of onion and the crispy texture of the elderberry. Rubbing steamed rice is a delicious specialty of Saigon you can take home as a gift. Because burning rice scrub cotton can preserve the whole month & still eat delicious và very convenient packaging. Steamed rice with scrumptious Saigon delicacies in Saigon.

You can buy Diệp Khang, Elderberry, Elderflower Cô Út dùng Gòn, ... These are very good places lớn sell fluffy and fluffy rice in Saigon. In addition, you can also take advantage of cold rice to make burnt rice scrubbing onions at trang chủ to treat the whole family.

Price range: 55,000 - 105,000 VND / pack.

5 / Pha lau Saigon - Delicious and cheap Saigon dinner

Pha lau dishes you can eat anytime you lượt thích but in Saigon, they often like to eat in the evening or late at Saigon. Every time you ask "What khổng lồ eat in Saigon delicious, cheap?", People immediately remember trộn Lau.

Some delicious Pha vệ sinh restaurants in Saigon must be mentioned: pha Lau co Thao, Pha vệ sinh Li, Pha lau Di Nui, Pha lau beef 102, Pha lau skewer, Pha vệ sinh 121, ...

Price about 20,000 VND / bowl.

6 / Saigon Fried Powder - không nên Gon snacks imported from China.

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Fried dough snacks were introduced from Chinese cuisine into Saigon and became the favorite Saigon delicacy. However, coming lớn Vietnam, the fried dough is more crispy khổng lồ suit the Vietnamese taste but you can still order Chinese-style fried dough, fry softer to lớn enjoy.

Saigon fried flour price is about: 25,000 VND / dish.

7 / Hu Tieu Go Saigon - không nên Gon snacks have the sound of "cup".

A typical feature of Hu Tieu Go Saigon is the sound emanating from the bamboo stick by the Hu Tieu Go seller. The sound of "cup, cup" goes through the streets and alleys in Saigon. Every time you hear the sound, people run out khổng lồ buy bowls of noodles. Just a few minutes later, there was a bowl of delicious Hu Tieu Go Saigon with a few slices of meat, bean sprouts, chives, và onions, which are indispensable.

Price Hu Tieu Go Saigon about 10,000 - 20,000 VND / bowl.

8 / Saigon Beef Salad - sai Gon snacks come back khổng lồ childhood.

How lớn make a dry beef salad in Saigon is quite simple và fast. Go eat a beef jerky salad you vị not need to wait long, just called there was a plate of the delicious beef dry calf out. For a delicious snack of Saigon beef jerky salad, you must eat with shredded papaya, địa chỉ cửa hàng a little chopped laksa to increase the flavor & peanuts. And regardless of whether or not Saigon snack restaurant has a good beef dry salad or not, in each salad dressing, each restaurant has its own secret.

The price of dried beef salad in Saigon is about: VND 15,000 - 22,000 / dish.

9 / Bo Bia sai Gon - Snacks associated with childhood for generations.

Unlike the Northern Bo Bia, the Southern Bo Bia is rolled with a mixture of cassava tubers, dried shrimp, lettuce, herbs, eggs and sausages in thin rice paper. Bo Bia không nên Gon is dipped with granulated soy sauce. If you eat Bo Bia không nên Gon for the first time, it will feel a bit strange, but if you have already, it is difficult lớn forget the taste.

You can come & eat delicious Bo Bia in Binh Thanh, Bo Bia Thu Duc, Bo Bia District 4, ... These are places with many delicious snacking restaurants in Saigon.

The price of Bo Bia sai Gon is about: 5,000 - 6,000 VND / pcs.

10 / Saigon Sweet Soup - A snack of Saigon lớn cool off for a hot day.

Like Bo Bia, Saigon Sweet Soup is very different from Hue Sweet Soup and Northern Sweet Soup is usually sweet. Saigon Sweet Soup has a typical flavor of coconut milk và shaved ice. Famous Sweet Soup in Saigon such as Sweet Soup Hien Khanh, Sweet Soup Ha Ky, Sweet Soup Chảnh, Sweet Soup Khanh Vy, ...

Price range: 10,000 - 30,000 VND / cup.

Above are the đứng top 10 delicious và cheap Saigon snacks to lớn enjoy right away khổng lồ prove whether you have finished eating "Gat Gu" or not!