Thai dried chili dipping sauce recipe

Isaan style Thai Chili Sauce – nam Jim Jaew – is smokey, spicy, sweet, và sour. It’s basically everything you love about thai food in one bowl. This bầu dipping sauce is found on every street corner in thailand because it’s quick lớn make and with simple ingredients. Drizzle this thai Chili Dipping Sauce over grilled chicken, steak, pork, sticky rice, or anything you like!

If you love a Chinese version, my Garlic chili sauce is another fantastic choice!


What Is phái mạnh Jim Jaew – thai Chili Sauce

Nam Jim Jaew แจ่ว also known as Jaew sauce is from the Isan province in northeast Thailand. This thai chili sauce is very popular among locals. In fact, it’s even more famous than the sweet chili sauce we often associate it with in the west.

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This thai Chili Dipping Sauce is best served with grilled meats, from chicken to pork và sometimes it’s also used as a dipping sauce for sticky rice. Think of the Jaew sauce as a popular condiment that you can find in almost every restaurant.


My husband & I love thai cuisine so much that every time we go back khổng lồ Asia, đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan is always on đứng đầu of our must-visit list. I have a whole entire collection of easy thai recipes that are paleo, gluten-free, & low carb. For example: bầu basil chicken, thai basil beef, Pad Thai, and Thai Shrimp fried rice. Fans love my paleo take on bầu dishes made low carb và with little to no added sugar.

Since most of my audience are based in the west, I simplify the recipes and use all local ingredients so you can make thai food – like this bầu chili sauce – at trang chủ easily!

Grain-Free Toasted “Rice” Powder – Secret Ingredient

The bầu Chili Sauce Jaew is a spicy chili dipping sauce but the flavor is complex. It’s sweet & sour, và has a toasted nutty/smoky flavor from the sticky rice powder.

The toasted rice powder – Khao Khua ข้าวคั่ว – is another common ingredient from the Isan region. It only has one ingredient – sticky rice – & is dry roasted until golden brown & coarsely grind into rice powder.

In Thailand, toasted rice powder is used in a variety of meat salads for example bầu Larb. Think of it as a topping that acts as a thickener khổng lồ the sauce and adds a crunchy texture & nutty/smoky flavor to a dish.

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Because I Heart Umami is a gluten-free and paleo blog and that means my recipes are gluten-free and grain-free, I modified the original sticky rice recipe and substitute the ingredient with raw cashew nuts & hemp seed hearts khổng lồ mimic the original toasted rice powder flavor.

I have lớn say that my paleo take on Khao Khua is not only delicious but also has a smoky and toasty flavor from the nuts & hemp seeds. In fact, this Paleo version of toasted “rice” powder has more nutrition than the original rice powder!


Nam Jim Jaew แจ่ว is made of shallots, cilantro, lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, chili pepper flakes, & toasted rice powder.

It tastes smokey, spicy, salty, sweet, and sour. It’s a great condiment for grilled meat and seafood dishes.

Think of thai chili sauce as a dipping sauce and a condiment. Drizzle the sauce on vị trí cao nhất of grilled meats and seafood, or as a dipping sauce for sticky rice. It adds extra flavor và depth any savory dishes.

The bầu Jaew Chili Sauce is different from the sweet chili sauce. The Chili Sauce Jaew is smoky, spicy, salty, sweet và sour và with a thin liquid base. The thai sweet chili sauce is much sweeter & the texture is much thicker.

In thai dishes, toasted rice powder (also known as Toasted Sticky Rice Powder) is used in a variety of meat salads for example bầu Larb. Think of it as a topping that acts as a thickener to lớn the sauce and adds a crunchy texture and nutty/smoky flavor to a dish.

The toasted sticky rice powder lasts for a long time as long as it’s kept in a cool and dry place. My grain-free version is made with cashew & hemp seeds. It has a shorter storage time. I recommend finishing it in 2 weeks.