Fish lumpia recipe

Fish, rice paper, cilantro/coriander, Chinese Five Spice và oil. That’s all you need for this Crispy Chinese Rice Paper Wrapped Fish recipe. What a way khổng lồ get your midweek fish fix – on a budget!


I saw this on a Chinese cooking program years ago. I can’t remember what the show was, but I vị remember being dubious. Just 5 ingredients? How good can they be?

I frequently see cooking hacks with very few ingredients và often they are made using cake mixes or store bought sauces. Which I have no problem with per se, it is just not my way of cooking because I like to cook from scratch as much as (practicably) possible.

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But this caught my eye because rarely bởi you see 3 or 5 ingredient recipes for Asian dishes.

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Và even more rarely from cooking show presenters! (Who, who, who was it?? Does anyone know??!!).

I tried it out of curiosity and was astonished at how good it was! Fundamentally, the secret is the Chinese Five Spice Powder which is a phối of a number of spices. Plus also the crispy rice paper wrapped around the juicy fish. Those little factors really make this simple dish into something that is so tasty I would proudly serve it at a party!



Have you seen rice paper at the supermarket and wondered what to vì with it? Here in Australia, it’s sold in all the major supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths) and of course Asian stores. They cost $2 or so for a pack of 20 – dirty cheap!

So here’s a chất lượng way khổng lồ use the rice paper – wrapping fish in it, then pan frying it so it becomes beautifully crispy while retaining the juices of the fish so it cooks in its own juices.

I know some people are afraid of working with rice paper because it can be hard to handle if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. There is only one key tip: vì chưng not over soak it! Dunk it in warm tap water for 3 seconds, then place it on your work surface. It should still be a bit firm when you place it on the work surface and in seconds, it continues to absorb the water so by the time you start wrapping the fish, it is soft và pliable.