How to make fish cakes at home

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Jupiter Foods is a company operating in agriculture industry from breeding live fishes to lớn supplyingraw surimi, fresh frozen seafood, processed seafood, processed meat & fresh fruits. We involvedheavily in breeding fishes through contract farming in Vietnam by providing working capital, fishmeal, unique control advices, chất lượng inspection and potential customers lớn our contracted farmers.Our produce reaches a wide variety of channels from processing partners to retail and foodservicescustomers.Our fresh frozen fish are offered in the size of whole fish, fillets & cubes via IQF technology. Theremaining parts of fishes are turn into fish meal and raw surimi. Today dòng jupiter is a key suppliers toprocessed fish ball producers in Vietnam and Malaysia. In return, we offer our partners processedfish balls khổng lồ our retail and foodservice customers around ASEAN region.Our geography coverage includes all major cities in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia & Singapore.With a consolidation hub located in Vietnam, we are able khổng lồ ship products across ASEAN khổng lồ meetcustomers’ requirements. Our mission is to offer supply of suitable products targeting specific saleschannels & along the process, creating awareness and off take of the products. With wide productrange which include fresh frozen seafood, processed seafood, processed chicken và beef, rawsurimi & fresh fruits, we seek to be a complete food distribution company to our partners andcustomers. Jupiter is not only a full distribution company but involve heavily in the process ofgrowing, breeding và processing with our contract farmers & partners.Besides offering products which are convenient lớn cook, safe, delicious & healthy, our focus are ondelivering services at the convenience of our customers. We offer warehousing, logistic và door-to-door delivery in Ho chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Kuala Lumpur. In secondary cities, we have widedistribution networks through our distributors and wholesalers. Our wide range of products andcompetitive prices make us the choice of established restaurants, well-known fast foods chains andmajor retail chains. Our ambitious sale plan help khổng lồ create off take at retail places.Our mission of “Offering Supply, Creating Demand” envision us to lớn be a key supplier lớn ourcustomers.

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Jupiter Foods is a distribution company specializing in supplying food materials and ingredients khổng lồ Modern Trade retailers of various format as well as lớn HORECA channels. Our geography coverage includes all major cities in Malaysia, Vietnam & Cambodia. ...View More.