Vietnamese Steamed Rice Cakes Bánh Bèo


When it comes to Hue, besides many beaty spot và hospitable people, we have to talk lớn rich and superb cuisine. One of things makes fame of Hue is Banh Beo with the distinct Hue’s flavor .

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No one knows when banh beo Hue appears as well as the popularity of banh beo Hue that you can see it anywhere from normal family meal to lớn parties… The appearance of banh beo Hue is so familiar that everyone considers banh beo Hue is one indispensable part of Hue’s cuisine culture. Hue people bởi not make banh beo hue lớn eat to satisfaction, they want khổng lồ enjoy the flavor of the finest sticky rice. The dish’s name is believed lớn derive from the fact that it is shaped lượt thích a duckweed.


Eating banh beo in correct way is eating with banh beo is still exist in the mould. Hue people often enjoy banh beo with minced shrimp or fried pork skin. Banh beo is usually eaten with fish sauce made from fermented fish that enhance the taste of the dish.

In order lớn enjoy the flavor of banh beo, you should eat them gradually. The taste of minced shrimp, pungent fish sauce mixed fragrant banh beo make you can not forget if you have a chance to lớn enjoy. Serving banh beo instantly it is steamed to keep the flavor. Banh beo can be eaten with a spoon và paird with aromatic herbs.

Being a celebrated dish of Hue cuisine culture, banh beo became such a interesting culture of Hue people. Banh beo is one of dishes you must try if having a chance to arrive Hue.

Making banh beo is not too complicated with simple ingredients, you can make it by yourself at trang chủ with banh beo recipe below:

Ingredient for banh beo recipe:

150gr rice flour, 30gr tapioca flour300gr shrimp300gr pork fat300ml cool water, 400ml boiled waterMinced garlic, minced chiliSalt, sugar…


Process of making banh beo recipe:

Step 1: Making pork rinds

Clean the piece of pork fat then scald with boiled water khổng lồ reduce strong smell and make pork fat cleaner.

Slice piece of pork fat into small squared pieces with 0.5 centimet thick, dimension 2cm x 3cm.

Prepare a large pan. Heat the pan then low down the heat to địa chỉ cửa hàng the sliced pork fat into. In the process of frying, stir the pork fat evenly to ensure not lớn be charred và keep crispy pork rinds.

When pork rinds begin turning golden, turn off the heat to let pork rinds cool & keep them in the pan.


Step 2: Making batter

Mixing flour:

Add tapioca flour, rice flour into a big bowl. Showroom ¼ tsp of salt then phối with tapioca flour và rice flour khổng lồ incorporate.

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Kneading và brewing flour:

After kneading the mixture flour well, địa chỉ cửa hàng more 200ml cool water and stir well khổng lồ avoid to lớn be curdled.

Add more 300ml of boiled water and stir well again then take it rest for 4-6 hours.


Step 3: Making filling

Wash the shrimp then remove the head & pull out the đen digestive tract. Wash the shrimp again then showroom into a pot and boil them. When the shrimp done, remove the shield.

Pestle or grind to lớn make shrimp mushy.

Add 1tsp of minced garlic into a pan & fry till being fragrant. Showroom grinded shrimp into the pan and stir well till shrimp dried. Take out the shrimp into a plate và let it really cool.


Step 4: Steaming the batter

After 4-6 hours of taking rest of the flour, take out the water in the bowl. Then showroom the water with the same volume of water taken out. Using chopstick lớn stir well mixture of flour và water.

Scoop mixture of flour in to ½ small bowl. Then steam this bowl about 10-12 minutes. To check whether the flour done, you can use a toothpick to enter the batter if it no longer sticky, it done.


Step 5: Finishing

Making dipping sauce:

Infuse 1 small bowl of fish sauce & 1 và a half of water. Heat the infused fish sauce then địa chỉ cửa hàng 5tsp of sugar và continue heating till dissolve sugar.

Add more minced garlic, chili to lớn fit your taste.


Assemble 3-4 pieces of pork rinds on the đứng top of banh beo. Scoop 1 spoon of minced shrimp into the bowl of banh beo then ladle the dipping sauce over.