Vietnamese Steamed Rice Cakes Bánh Bèo Recipe


The tasty Vietnamese rice cakes steamed (Bánh lục bình recipe) are topped with silky Mung bean floss, prawns, crispy pork fat and drizzles of scallion oil to create the perfect balance of texture & flavor.

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Vietnamese people are awed by eating street food for all day. Every time I went lớn market along with my mother, we would buy several items for breakfast to buy our groceries & then eat desserts when we returned. One breakfast I truly loved was banh beo, or Vietnamese rice cakes that are steamed. These tasty rice cakes are decorated with silky mung beans, the prawn floss, crispy the pork’s fat as well as drizzles of scallion oil, for the perfect blend of taste và texture.


BANH BEO Variations

Banh beo is an speciality from central Vietnam particularly it is served in da Nang, Hue, quang đãng Nam & Quang Ngai. It is made with a batter consisting of tapioca and rice flour, & topped by chopped shrimp (Hue style) or a set of shrimp, pork and wood ear mushrooms (Da Quang nam giới way) serving in small bowls. Southern Vietnamese have their own version known as banh beo phái mạnh in which the rice cakes that are steamed are served with steamed mung-bean as well as the usual toppings, and served on a platter. My family was from the town of Thu Duc, south of Saigon which is why we lượt thích the banh beo from the south.

Infredients for Banh Beo recipe (Vietnamese steamed rice cakes)


It is necessary in the process of soaking the Mung Beans in water for six hours or for a night. Once they’re soft, they is easier khổng lồ steam. The mung bean requires some salt to địa chỉ flavor. They are mixed in a food processor in order lớn create an even filling. Mung beans can be prepared bean in advance & then store them in the fridge , covered with plastic wrap khổng lồ cut down on time.

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Prawn floss imparts saltiness, texture và flavor khổng lồ Vietnamese rice cakes that are steamed. Prawn floss can be made from fresh prawns/shrimp as well as dried prawns/shrimp, based on your preferences. I lượt thích dried prawns because of their ease of cooking and a shorter cooking time. It is possible to find dried prawns or shrimp at the local grocery store. Soak in water for two hours khổng lồ rehydrate. Blend them with an food processor until they’re it is completely pulverized. You can then use them as toppings for rice cakes that are steamed. If you don’t intend to lớn use them immediately, store their airtight containers & keep them for a week in the refrigerator or in the pantry.



The crisp pork lard fried in oil provides texture and a richness the Vietnamese rice cakes steamed (banh beo). I request for the butcher in my neighborhood Vietnamese grocery store lớn provide me with the fat in a large amount typically the layer that is between the skin và the meat of the pork belly. When I have cut it into cubes, I then transfer the cubes to a nonstick pan with a medium-high heat and allow the fat to lớn slowly melt away.



Mo hanh, also known as scallion oil, is an essential Vietnamese essential ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine. It provides flavor, aroma and màu sắc to many food items. Many people make scallion oils solely with the green components. It’s okay to include the trắng parts according lớn your preferences. Choose a neutral oil such as canola oil or vegetable oil, so that it picks out the smell that the scallion has. Cut scallion into slices along with vegetable oil and some salt will go into a skillet for a couple of minutes, until the scallion is soft.

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To cut down on time và to speed things up Make the prawn floss the day prior to. Phối the batter for banh beo first, then let it rest while you cook the mung beans that have been steamed & friend pork lard. Sallion oil, and sauce for dipping.Let the batter sit for about an hour after mixing it. Give the batter one quick stir lớn disperse the flour that was settling in the bottom.Small, shallow bowls are ideal khổng lồ steam rice cakes. These bowls are available in Vietnamese supermarkets.Be sure to make sure to grease your bowl using vegetable or canola oil prior to lớn pouring the batter into. It will make getting rid of the rice cakes much easier.A tablespoon of batter will take approximately five minutes lớn steam. This produces a fine rice cake.If you prefer thicker rice cakes, you can use 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of batter. It will take about 7 lớn 8 minutes.Make use of tongs to take out the bowls khổng lồ ensure you vì not burn yourself.Make sure the bowls have cooled enough to lớn handle before taking the rice cakes that have been steamed from the bowl.This recipe can make 8-10 servings. You can cut it down the amount if you’re cooking only for you and a friend.

It’s easy for one khổng lồ overindulge in these Vietnamese rice cakes that are steamed because they are so delicious! As you enjoy the soft rice cake, decorated with velvety mung bean and scallion oil that is rich, sweet prawn floss, crispy pork lard that’s been fried and a spicy sauce for dipping and the whole meal is gone. The banh beo is a feast for the eyes và brings all the flavors & textures that you would expect from Vietnamese street foods!

A perfect Banh Beo recipe, that easy lớn making

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