Glutinous rice and chinese sausage wrapped in banana leaves recipe

A friend of mine came over on the day while I was making bánh nậm(steamed flat rice dumpling). She was so excited to see the cakes wrapped in banana leaf; she was hoping I had made her favorite cake that she always wanted khổng lồ bring lớn the US every time she visited her family in Cambodia. So I offered khổng lồ make it for her if she can tell me all the secret ingredients.

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My first attempt apparently didn"t turn out too shabby as she gave me two thumbs up. She says now she knows who khổng lồ go lớn when she craves for these noum lepoev. I think I"ve been setup - but love the challenge!
As you noticed, most of the Asian desserts utilize pandan leave, coconut, tapioca flour or rice flour. This pumpkin cake wrapped in banana leaf is simple và it"s fragrance is enhanced by the coconut milk and shredded coconut. It"s well balanced and has an earthy, creamy, mildly sweet, và buttery flavor derived from the pure pumpkin.Spring is almost here but the idea of pumpkin certainly evokes the beauty of the fall while I"m making these yummy pumpkin cakes. I can see myself sitting on the deck, nibbling on the pumpkin cake, sipping on a cup of hot coffee, và watching the leaves sailing down from the trees. Well, there"s something to look forward khổng lồ now.



Thaw banana leaves under sink water. Cut the leaf into about 5 in x 9in pieces. Use a kitchen towel lớn pat dry the leaves. You can prepare the leaves a head of time then keep them in a bag và store in the fridge until ready to use.

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Cut and peel pumpkin. Wash và rinse. Place a fine shredding disc into the cuisinart food processor. Add one piece of pumpkin at a time into the food processor và shred it.

If you don"t have the shredding disc for your food processor, another way to shred it is by using the shredder. Measure 3 cups packed pumpkin. Mix aside.
Bring a pot of water in a steamer to a boil. Place pumpkin cakes that you have already arranged on a steamer tray onto the steamer và steam for about 30 minutes. When the banana leaves change màu sắc to a pale yellow evenly, the cakes are done.
Unwrap the banana leaf, enjoy it with a cup of hot jasmine tea. I personally like mine with nutty toasted sesame seeds sprinkle over the cake. Yum!
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