Banana cake recipe without oven

Learn lớn make delicious và healthy banana cake recipe without oven, you can either use a pressure cooker or idi steamer to lớn make this cake at home.

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Cakes are everyone’s favourite! & they especially are for all the foodies & cooking enthusiasts.

Banana cakes are versatile, yummy & extremely easy to lớn make. Và the best part is, you vị not even need an oven to lớn bake it. If you have been looking for such a banana cake recipe without oven, you have come khổng lồ the right place! Here, I bring you a step-by-step guide on how to make banana cake in the cooker. Whether this is your first time stepping inside a kitchen or being a professional chef, this recipe is for everyone.


Before we jump into the recipe, let us look at how nutritious a banana cake is. Banana cakes have many health benefits. They are low in cholesterol and have high amounts of calcium & iron. These cakes are also loaded with many vitamins & minerals. Banana, in general, is very healthy. One piece of banana suffices a person’s daily potassium requirements easily.

Baking a banana cake is also easy & takes very less time! It is a great option for a nice brunch on Sunday. Traditionally, lượt thích any other cake, a banana cake is also baked in a regular oven. There are, in fact, many kinds of ovens và as a cooking enthusiast, it is important for you too khổng lồ know the difference between them. Click here khổng lồ learn more about the different types of oven available in the market.


But today, in this article I will give you a detailed guide on how to lớn make banana cake using pressure cooker.

Without any further delay, let us dive into the banana cake recipe in cooker.

Time Taken

Total time taken to lớn make a banana cake without oven takes about just an hour. This includes twenty minutes of preparation time và forty minutes ofbaking time. You may want to lớn freeze your cake for about fifteen minutes, but that is optional. Talking of optional things, this cake does not add any eggs, so it is entirely vegetarian. But if you want, you may add two eggs lớn the batter.

How to make Cake without Oven

You can use either a pressure cooker or idli steamer to lớn make Cake. It will take around 40 khổng lồ 50 minutes to lớn bake the cake completely.

Pressure cooker can be used in two different ways.

First one by filling around 2 inch water và placing the trivet at the bottom of the cooker. Then place cake phối vessel on the trivet & close with the lid. Don"t use the rubber và whistle.Second one by placing salt at the bottom of the cooker. Make sure the bottom is filled around 1 inch with the salt. Then place the trivet over the salt and cake mix vessel over the trivet. Close the cooker with the lid & don"t use whistle.
Idli steamer is quite easy khổng lồ use, just place the cake phối vessel inside it & close. Steam for around 40 minutes to bake the cake.


Step 2: Preparing the Pressure Cooker for Baking

You can use an idli vessel or a pressure cooker. Fill it with two inches of water & place a trivet dish at the bottom of the vessel. Take an aluminium vessel and freeze it with ghee. After this, dust some flour on it.

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Or you can use a cake making ring also. Place it over a parchment paper & then cover the paper with a aluminum foil at the bottom and seal the ring. Grease và dust the paper with ghee and flour.

This makes our pressure cooker/ idli vessel ready for baking the cake.

Step 3: Bake the Cake

In the greased và flour-dusted aluminium vessel or cake ring pour the entire Banana Cake batter. Flatten it by using your hands or a spatula. You can add some toppings such as chocolate chips and chopped almonds over this flattened cake batter. Your cake batter is ready to lớn be baked now.

Carefully place the batter vessel( cake ring) inside the idli vessel or the pressure cooker. At this point, it is important to ensure that the water does not enter the cake batter utensil. Take a light lid và place it over the cooker/ idli vessel. Vì not use the lid of the pressure cooker.

Turn the flame on và let the cake get baked for the next forty minutes on High heat. After the 40 minutes are over, kiểm tra the cake if it has baked or not. You can use a knife for this to check if the cake is baked from the inside too.

Step 4: Your Banana Cake is Ready!!

Take the cake out of the vessel immediately after baking. Refrigerate it for at least 15 minutes. For the best taste và fluffiness, you can refrigerate it overnight. Và your banana cake baked without an oven is ready!

Frosting the banana cake (optional)

I love to lớn frost this banana cake with Cream Cheese based frosting. For that take 2 khổng lồ 3 tablespoon Cream Cheese và combine with little butter. Showroom some powdered sugar và whisk until smooth.

Now place this over the đứng đầu of the cake and spread nicely lớn cover.

Chill for about 10 minutes to set. Cut and serve.

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Eggless banana cake recipe

Moist eggless banana cake recipe without Oven. Homemade banana cake using a pressure cooker.

Prep time 20 min, cook time 40 min, serve 6

Author Mobasir hassan


6 ripe Bananas1/2 cup Sugar1/4 cup oil or Ghee2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract2.5 cup All-Purpose flour (maida)2 teaspoon Baking Powder1 teaspoon Baking Soda1/4 cup Milk1/4 cup curd1 tablespoon Cocoa powder (optional)3 tablespoon Cream Cheese2 tablespoon powdered sugar

Some other ingredients (Optional):

Raw Honey: 1 tbspAlmonds, chopped: 10- 12Choco Chips


Making the batter

Peel the bananas, cut and địa chỉ in a mixing bowl. Mashed them nicely by using a fork or blender.Add ghee, vanilla extract, honey, curd, sugar and milk. Whisk together everything nicely till become smooth.Take the all purpose flour (maida) in another mixing bowl và Cocoa powder, baking powder và baking soda. Give them a good mix. Use of Cocoa powder is optional but it can give a good taste & color.Now add this flour mix with the banana set slowly & whisking. Make sure there are no lumps. If required pour some milk while mixing to lớn make the batter smooth.
Preparing the pressure cooker
Fill a big size pressure cooker with two inches of water & place a trivet dish at the bottom.Take an aluminum vessel và grease & dust with ghee và flour. Or you can use a cake ring also.
Baking the cake
Pour the entire banana cake batter in the greased và flour dusted vessel. Fatten it by your hand or a spatula. If desired địa chỉ some topping like chocolate chips or chopped almonds or any other nuts over the flatten cake batter.Now carefully place this batter vessel inside the pressure cooker. Make sure the water does not enter the cake batter utensil. Cover the cooker with a lid.Turn the gas flame on & bake the cake for the next 40 minutes in high flame heat.After the said time check the cake if it has baked or not. You can use a knife or a toothpick & insert it in the centre of the cake. If it come out as clean then the cake is baked completely.Remove the cake vessel from the cooker và refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. For the best taste and fluffiness you can refrigerate it for overnight.
Frosting the banana cake
In a bowl combine little butter và 2 lớn 3 tablespoon Cream Cheese. Add some powdered sugar và mix till everything become smooth.Place this over the đứng đầu of the banana cake and spread nicely to lớn cover the cake. Chill untill set about 10 minutes.Cut the cake and serve.
Eggless banana cake recipe đoạn clip (without oven)