Bamboo shoot yum


The green roll in the middle is the Konbu Maki (wrapped with Kanpyo). Also visible are the lotus root (holes in it, 12 o’clock), Shiitake Mushroom (1 o’clock), Konnyaku (that spotted brick
11 o’clock), Gobo just below it, Pork-stuffed Aburage (10 o’clock), bamboo shoot, carrot, taro & various fishcakes.

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Oden is a one-pot Japanese stew that commonly includes fishcake, Shiitake Mushrooms, root vegetables & various other items, steeped in an earthy, delicious broth. It’s a satisfying all-in-one meal và the perfect comfort food on a cold, rainy night. My late calabash aunty introduced this dish khổng lồ me a few years ago and I was hooked ever since. It’s not quite as mainstream in Hawaii as Sushi or Ramen, but it can be found at a few hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurants around town. Not to lớn mention on aunty’s dinner table.

The variations in nhật bản are many, but the following recipe is how I was taught, which is probably more “localized”. This is actually a shortcut method since it uses Oden No moto (powdered Dashi soup stock) & frozen packaged root vegetables instead of fresh. It’s a very simple and flexible dish to prepare. Throw everything in the dashi and let it steep for several hours. Showroom or omit items lớn your taste. Items such as Daikon and Shoyu-marinated Menma (Bamboo Shoots) are also good. Experiment with different fishcakes; there’s so many varieties khổng lồ choose from nowadays. You can find these items at Marukai, Daiei or your favorite asian grocery store.

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Clockwise from top left: Oden No xe máy (powdered dashi soup base), Chikuwa fish cake, Aburage, Kanpyo (the string thing), Dried Konbu (seaweed), Konnyaku (packaging), Boiled Mixed Vegetable (packaging), Gobo Tenpura fishcake, Gobo Maki fishcake.


Serves up khổng lồ 10 people.

• Oden No Moto, 2 packets (makes approx. 10 cups of broth)• Frozen Boiled Mixed Vegetables: Taro, Lotus Root, Carrot, Bamboo Shoot, Shiitake Mushroom, Burdock), 1 one lb. Package• Fish Cake, in this version: Chikuwa, Gobo Maki và Gobo Tenpura, 1 package each, cut into bite form size pieces.• Konnyaku, 1 nine oz. Package, drained và rinsed, cut into bite kích thước pieces• Aburage (fried soybean curd) – 1 three oz. Package• Ground Pork, approx. 3 phần tư lb.• Nishime Konbu (dried seaweed), 1 four oz. Package, rinsed and soak in water until soft• Kanpyo (dried gourd strips), 1 one-and-a-half oz. Package• Shoyu• Mirin• Water

1. Make dashi broth: Boil 10 cups of water in a large, heavy stock pot. Reduce khổng lồ simmer, then stir in 2 packets Oden No moto until fully dissolved. Let simmer on low heat.2. Make Konbu Maki: Cut Konbu into pieces approx. 2½”x 3″. Place a small amount of ground pork on one end và roll up, then wrap and tie with strips of the Kanpyo. Showroom to Oden dashi pot.3. Make Stuffed Aburage: Cut Aburage into sections. Fill each Aburage with raw ground pork. địa chỉ cửa hàng to Oden dashi pot.4. Add the package of frozen mixed vegetables, various fishcake & Konnyaku khổng lồ Oden pot.5. Now all the various items are in the Oden pot. Let the Oden simmer on low heat for at least 2 hours. The longer you let it simmer, the better. At the end, adjust the flavor with a little dash of Shoyu and/or Mirin. If you lượt thích it sweeter, add more Mirin.6. Portion each different vật phẩm from the Oden pot in serving bowls và fill with broth about half-way up. Serve hot và enjoy.