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Yes, you CAN bake banana bread in your air fryer! This mini air fryer banana cake recipe is perfect if you have a lonely overripe banana in your fruit bowl. Crunchy on the top and moist and fluffy on the inside, it’s super easy to lớn make in around 30 minutes. With endless substitutions, this is for you if you want a healthier banana bread that you don’t even have to switch on your oven for!


I’ve yet lớn meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy a slice of freshly baked banana bread, ideally still warm from the oven. But you don’t always want a big loaf of cake hanging around your kitchen, constantly tempting you to lớn have that second (and third & fourth?) slice.

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So what if you made a small banana bread instead? & you didn’t even need to lớn turn on the oven to lớn make it?

Yep, you guessed it, you can make a mini banana bread in your air fryer! How cool is that? You can still make it in your oven if you prefer (see instructions below!) but you’ll save power (and possibly even your waistline) if you make it in your air fryer. 😉

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The BEST air fryer banana bread

Here’s why you should make THIS air fryer banana bread recipe rather than any other:

It’s a small banana loaf. Perfect for last minute entertaining or an emergency banana bread craving. No temptation to lớn scoff the leftovers all to yourself!it’s got a crisp outer crust and a soft, fluffy and moist inside. Delicious!It’s a one bowl, super quick recipe. It literally takes around 5 minutes. No pesky creaming of butter và sugar! Just mash a ripe banana, whisk in an egg, then showroom sugar, oil, & flour.It’s quick lớn bake, too. Banana bread usually takes about an hour lớn bake. But this small batch version takes only 30 minutes, whether you bake it in your air fryer or the oven.It’s a fairly healthy recipenot too sweet. There are only 2 tablespoons of both oil & sugar. It works with many substitutions! I’ve made it with almond flour, coconut oil, whole wheat flour, coconut flour, & added raspberries, coconut and more. See below for more healthy substitution ideas!

5 star review *****

“I am so grateful lớn find a recipe that works! Love the crispy outer crust and soft inner texture! Thank you! ♥️” (Priscilla)



1 banana: Small to lớn medium. The riper the better! Ripe bananas are sweeter & more flavorsome so I find this makes such a huge difference to lớn the taste.

1 egg: I try to go for free range or organic. I usually use large, but this recipe is quite forgiving so any you have will work fine.

Brown sugar: 2 to 3 tablespoons depending on whether you’re in a sweet tooth mood or not! Other types of sugar work too, such as trắng or coconut, but I lượt thích the slight caramel-y taste of brown.

Oil: This is a banana bread recipe with oil, for ease. 2 tablespoons of your favorite oil is fine. I’ve successfully used vegetable oil, melted coconut oil và even light olive oil. Melted butter works, too, if you prefer that classic buttery flavor in your cake.

Milk: I’ve tried the recipe with whole milk, 2 percent (semi-skimmed/hi lo) & almond. I think it would work with any kind of milk you like, including non dairy milks.

All-purpose/Plain flour: mix with 1/2 teapsoon baking soda, or just use self-raising flour. Other flours such as whole wheat work too (see below for more suggestions!).

I’d add a pinch of salt, as well!

What pan lớn use

To make this mini cake in an air fryer, you just need khổng lồ use a really small baking pan or dish. I use a small glass baking dish that fits into my fairly small air fryer. It’s about 5.5 square inches.

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However, you can use any dish or pan that’s ovenproof – glass, ceramic, metal or silicone – và of course that fits into your air fryer!

I recently bought a phối of 4 mini metal loaf pans that are 5.5 inches by 3 inches. These work very well too. If you have a larger air fryer such as the Philips Essential Air Fryer XL then you could even sneakily double the ingredients và make 2 mini loaves at one time!

Whichever pan you use, it’s best lớn line it with baking paper and trim the edges, then spray it with oil lớn prevent sticking.


How khổng lồ make it

The step-by-step guide below should help you make the recipe perfectly first time. Scroll down to the over for the full recipe including ingredient amounts.

Step 1: Pre-heat your air fryer khổng lồ 320F/160C và line a small baking dish or loaf pan with baking paper.

Step 2: Mash the banana well in a Pyrex jug or small baking bowl. I lượt thích to use a jug so that I can just pour the batter into my dish (with a little help from the fork I use khổng lồ combine all the ingredients). No need for a spatula if you don’t want!

Step 3: With a fork, whisk in all the other ingredients (the egg, sugar, oil, pinch of salt and finally the flour & baking soda). Just until well combined – there can be some lumps.




Helen’s đứng đầu tips

Throw all your overripe bananas into a bag in the freezer for your next mini banana loaf craving!You might want to lớn tuck aluminium foil over the top during the second half of the cooking time. You’ll find that the đứng đầu of the banana bread gets browner than it would in the oven. Personally, I love the contrast of the crunchy top with the moist cake below!The top sometimes cooks faster than the inside in an air fryer. To kiểm tra it’s fully cooked, simply turn upside down & poke a skewer or cake tester into the center of the bread. If it comes out virtually clean, it’s done!If you prefer lớn bake it in your regular oven (maybe your oven is already on!), you can bởi this. The temperature is the same but the cooking time is a little less – around 25 minutes.If you have a larger air fryer & two ripe bananas, why not double the ingredients and make two mini loaves instead of one? One for now, and one for the freezer!


This small batch banana bread recipe is very adaptable, and very easy khổng lồ ‘healthify’. Not that the recipe is that bad in the first place (hello bananas!!).

You can change it up by:

using different oils. I’ve already used canola, olive and coconut oils to lớn make this banana bread! You can also replace the oil with melted butter for extra flavor. varying the flours. Once I used a mixture of whole wheat flour, coconut flour, và hemp seed flour. This one was delicious!using a natural sweetener such as maple syrup, honey or date syrup instead of brown sugar.adding things lượt thích milk, trắng or dark chocolate chips, flaked coconut, nuts or raspberries/blueberries. I’ve tried most of these additions và they were all delicious!Add a large pinch of cinnamon and/or nutmeg or một nửa teaspoon vanilla extract for an extra hit of flavor.

Somehow however I adapt it, my banana bread always works & tastes good!

Top tip: do browse the comments below for more substitution ideas. Readers have already tested making this in so many ways!

Storing and freezing

Your mini banana bread will keep well in an airtight container for a few days (IF it lasts that long, which I doubt).

It also freezes well. You can freeze it well wrapped or in a freezer proof container for up to 3 months.

Sometimes, I lượt thích to slice it into separate slices, wrap it in baking paper, and freeze in small freezer bags. I then either let it defrost then reheat for a few seconds in the microwave, or defrost completely in the microwave.

Got brown bananas? What are you waiting for?

Next time you have brown bananas sitting on the counter đứng top that your significant other is threatening khổng lồ throw away (mentioning no names, Mr Scrummy…), make one of these mini banana breads!

Just see how smug you feel when you take the first bite of your delicious warm-out-of-the-oven treat!

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