A guide to cooking with anchovies

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Now rinse your anchovies, one by one, under gently running cold water. Your goal here is to wash off any encrusted salt. It's fine if some of the silver skin comes off, but you want khổng lồ handle the anchovies with enough care that the fillets themselves don't come apart.

Lay the washed anchovies on paper towels to soak up excess liquid. In some instances, the anchovies will be cured lightly enough that they'll be ready for filleting at this point; if they feel plump & tender, you can give it a try. More often, though, they're on the firm side from all that time spent curing in salt.

To remove more salt & soften the anchovies, you'll need to lớn soak them. Some people use water, some use milk, and some use white wine. I tried all three và found no noticeable difference in flavor between milk- và water-soaked ones, and, since water is free, that's what I'd recommend. Trắng wine does địa chỉ cửa hàng a subtle wine flavor khổng lồ the anchovies, so feel free to use it if you have an xuất hiện bottle available, but it's by no means necessary.

How long the anchovies need to lớn soak, if at all, depends on how firm they feel. Keep them in the bath too long, & they'll start to lớn become overly soft and mushy. Take them out too soon, và they'll be difficult to lớn fillet, as heavily salted flesh can be brittle. Usually 15 to lớn 30 minutes is enough, but if you find the fillets too firm & difficult lớn remove, go ahead and give them a little more time khổng lồ soak.

Once sufficiently soaked, the anchovies should be plump & flexible, but not mushy và soft. Now's the time lớn fillet them. Start by pinching one of the fillets right where it meets the tail, carefully working to lớn pry it from the tail & spine beneath. Once you get a good hold on it, gently lift the fillet from the bone cage bit by bit. Take your time và be careful, especially if you want khổng lồ keep the fillets whole, since they can tear if you go too fast or clumsily.

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Once you've lifted the first fillet, lay it skin side down. Pull away any viscera and silver skin from the organ cavity area và discard. Then grab the fillet that's still attached khổng lồ the spine, and, once again working from the tail end, free the tail và spine và lift it from the second fillet.

Inspect each fillet, removing any fins, like the dorsal fin. (Look closely—it can be hard khổng lồ spot, but it's often there.) Also, feel around each fillet with your fingers và remove any hard bony bits; pay special attention to lớn the collar area, as small, sharp collar bones are often still attached and need lớn be discarded. Tiny hairlike bones are not an issue & do not need lớn be removed.

As you finish with each fillet, transfer it lớn fresh paper towels lớn dry it of excess water. If you're cooking with the anchovies right away, they're now ready to lớn be used however you wish. If not, the final step is lớn pack your cleaned, dried fillets in oil.

Layer your cleaned anchovy fillets inside a clean glass jar, then pour enough oil on vị trí cao nhất to completely cover them. It's important that the fillets be on the dry side, since tiny drops of water will hasten spoilage. Then seal the jar và refrigerate. The anchovies should last at least one month in oil, if not longer; just pluck them out as you need them. They're so delicious when prepared like this, it shouldn't be hard khổng lồ polish them off much faster than that.

Here's a video clip demonstrating the filleting part of the process. Note that in the clip all the fins came off with the spine, which doesn't always happen.

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