How To Make A Pillow Cake


This princess crown cake has not only one, but two crowns for the two princesses honored in a baby shower - one for mommy và one for baby. 

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When I was told that the buổi tiệc nhỏ was princess theme & that they wanted lớn have two crowns on the cake, I immediately thought of making a pillow cake.  How much more regal can you get when you present a crown on a pillow? 

I ran into some difficulty when I was making this cake.  It was not because of the cake itself but rather what was going on outside my house.  There were howling wind gusts up khổng lồ 100 km/hr that night & it brought about a total đen out in our area.  It was dark and with only a few candles to lớn give me light, I had khổng lồ summon my inner ninja in able khổng lồ finish this cake.  

Although, thank goodness, everything went smoothly, making the colours was indeed challenging.  I had readymade colours, & I would think that I got the pink one, only when I bring it near the candle, I would find out it was yellow! I really wanted this cake to be a soft pink, so I had to lớn be extra careful in adding the coloring so I won’t get a bubblegum neon kind of pink.  I was actually scared to lớn see the cake in daylight the next day.  

All in all, I was pretty happy in how this cake turned out.  Mommy was pretty stoked too, which made all the working in the dark worth it for me. 

I really wanted to make a video of how this cake was made from start khổng lồ finish but with the black out, it was hard to film in the dark! I was able lớn film the carving & frosting part but alas the lights went out on me after that.

How to Make a Pillow Cake

With a little bit of carving, pillow cakes can be very easy lớn make. For this cake, I used 1 recipe of yellow cake and one recipe of chocolate cake & baked in 9” square pan.  


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I stacked them together with filling of raspberry buttercream in between và I placed a smaller cake board (7” square) underneath.  

I started by carving each side of the cake on a 45 degree angle on both the đứng top part và the bottom part of the cake.  Then I just sort of smoothed out any sharp edges on the vị trí cao nhất of the cake.  For the bottom part, I like the sharp edges on the each corner.  

Then I crumb coated the cake with some buttercream lớn seal in the crumbs, there were a lot due lớn the carving.   Then I added another coat of buttercream right away, no need lớn refrigerate in between.  I find that with this type of frosting that I use, IMBC, if it gets too cold during crumbcoat then it starts sweating.  Then the second layer sometimes just slides và won’t stick to lớn the cake.  I use clear plastic acetate khổng lồ smooth out the frosting on the rounded đứng top part of the cake.     

I let the cake set & harden in the fridge for about an hour.

I then prepared the cake board. I spread some clear piping jelly on the board, rolled out some trắng fondant.  I wanted the pillow to look lượt thích that it was phối on fabric, so I made some creases and folds on the fondant while gently laying it on the board. 

I covered the cake in pink fondant being careful especially when it came to the bottom part of the cake khổng lồ avoid any creases.  With the help of a ruler & a veining tool, I marked criss-crossing diagonal lines.  To make the pillow looked quilted,  I used the same veining lớn make cross marks on each point where the lines would meet.  I then added a small pearl ball in the middle và made it stick with some edible glue.  

For the rattle, I rolled a ball of fondant và let it dry on a bed of cornstarch.  Doing it this way will keep the shape of the ball rounded rather than having on side where it is resting to lớn be flat.  I extruded a plain long piece & twisted the vị trí cao nhất part. I let it dry separately. I used a blossom cutter to make the bottom part of the rattle where the handle will be attached.  I used royal icing khổng lồ attach the pieces. I also decided lớn make a small bow just to lớn amp up the cuteness factor.