Vietnamese teachers" day (november 20): best wishes, messages and quotes to show affections


Even as children we knew there was great power in being a teacher. Remember playing school và fighting over who was going to lead the group? Future Teachers of America Day, celebrated annually on November 20, was made to celebrate just how great teachers are. It’s sponsored by The Future Teachers of America, an organization that helps future educators prepare for the classroom và become a part of a professional community. Through mentorship & teaching opportunities, they help teachers hone their skills và become wonderful educators. So won’t you celebrate with us?

National Teachers" Day was first celebrated on March 7, with the date pushed to lớn May a few years later.

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Give a gift certificate

If you know someone hoping to be a teacher, get them a gift certificate for office supplies! Any teacher will put that khổng lồ good use in their studies or in their classroom. If you want lớn be more fun, get them a gift thẻ to a local coffee or bagel place. The school day starts early, and this will encourage them khổng lồ be their best!

Write a thank you note

Take today lớn write an encouraging lưu ý to the education department of a local college. Be sure khổng lồ let them know how much you appreciate them taking on the awesome task of educating children và shaping tomorrow’s citizens. If you want lớn be a superstar, attach that same lưu ý to a box of doughnuts or a bag of candy & leave it in the student lounge. It will be just the encouragement our future teachers need!

Play school

Maybe you"re too old to play school with your own friends, but your children aren"t! That’s why, this Future Teachers of America Day, you should introduce your children to this hallowed game. Provide them with some paper & colored pencils & let them be in charge of you, giving assignments and home work. Not only will they get great pleasure out of telling their parents what to lớn do, but you just may inspire them to become a teacher.

They work hard

Teaching is hard work, và we applaud those brave souls who are in the field. Need proof? They"re paid between $36,000 & $45,000 annually, must have at least a four year degree, & are probably spending hundreds of dollars of their own money to supply their classrooms with materials. & their day isn"t over when the school bell rings—they have khổng lồ grade papers, write lesson plans and coach clubs. Give teachers a round of applause.

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We are facing a teacher shortage

Now, more than ever, we need young people khổng lồ enter the field of education. Did you know that, according to recent polls, only 4.2% of college freshman enrolled in four year institutions in năm nhâm thìn are majoring in education? This is why we love the future teachers who are gearing up to lớn teach our children—they"re helping to fill this teacher shortage, and giving our kids some much-needed education.

They spend a lot of time with our kids

During the academic year, our children spend about 1,080 hours of the year in school. That whole time, teachers have lớn be compassionate, knowledgeable, patient, and fair. That"s a hard task, & we salute future teachers for learning how to vì it.

Future Teachers of America Day dates

2022November 20Sunday
2023November 20Monday
2024November 20Wednesday
2025November 20Thursday
2026November 20Friday






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