Banh beo (vietnamese steamed rice cakes/water


Shortly arriving in Ho đưa ra Minh City, my husband brought us khổng lồ Bun Bo Hue 3A3 Restaurant near his office to savour authentic Vietnamese food.

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Since we were not familiar with the Vietnamese language and its food, we obviously looked at photos on the menu khổng lồ place our orders. As Bánh bèo (Steamed Rice Cake) has the look of our Chwee Kueh back home, it can’t possibly go wrong right? When the Bánh lộc bình was served, we were so fascinated by them as they were in little sauce dishes with a simple light fish sauce to lớn go along with.

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They were indeed love at first bite!! It was so amazingly good that from that day onwards, Bánh 6 bình became our son’s favourite food in Ho đưa ra Minh City.

Bánh lục bình originates from the central regions of Vietnam and Hue & can be served in a variety of ways including in a “chen”, a small condiment form size bowl, or loose, stacked on a “dia,” or plate. In the mien bac (Northern Vietnam), mung bean paste is also swiped onto the cake before the other toppings.

They can be eaten as a starter or can be one of the main dishes. Bánh bèo will still be one of my đứng đầu dishes khổng lồ make for Vietnamese cuisine as they are so irresistible!!