Easy shredded mexican chicken

This shredded chicken recipe is very simple to make & can be used in 100 different ways.

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This easy recipe makes a batch of tender shredded chicken on the stove in less than 1 hour. Jump to the Shredded Chicken Recipe


This Recipe Calls For 4 Simple Steps

Gently simmer chicken thighs or chicken breast in a broth made with water or stock, spices, onion, & garlic.Shred the cooked chicken.Simmer the cooking liquid until reduced.Toss the shredded chicken with the concentrated cooking liquid for extra flavor và moisture.


Our go-to ingredients for making shredded chicken at home are onion, garlic, a cất cánh leaf, cumin, salt, and pepper. We love using chicken thighs since they are more tender than chicken breasts, but there is no reason whychicken breasts or a combination of both breast và thighs would not work.

Keep in mind that ourrecipe is more of a guide. Play around with the flavors & spices based on what you love. Adding a dried chili pepper, chili powder, some spice from crushed red pepper flakes or fresh herbs are all excellent ideas.

More Tips

For the most tender chicken, we simmer it gently. For the cooking liquid, we use water, which quickly soaks up lots of flavor from the onion, garlic, và chicken. We địa chỉ just enough water to lớn cover the chicken then bring everything to a low simmer & wait about 30 minutes until the chicken is very tender.

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Once the chicken is cooked, remove itfrom the now incredibly flavorful cooking broth và shred it. Then place the cooking broth back over the heat và simmer down by about one-third, concentrating the flavor.Spoon about a cup of the concentrated broth over the chicken and toss.


It’s this last step that is our real secret to lớn the juiciest shredded chicken! & that’s it, now you have chicken ready forchicken nachos, buffalo dip, chicken-topped pizza, quesadillas, soup,sandwichesand more.

NOTE: Turkey is a great stand-in, here. Shredded turkey is amazing!

By the way, you’ll likely have broth leftover – don’t throw it away. It’s delicious and can be used as a light soup, as broth in other recipes or kept to be added to the leftover chicken.

As the chicken sits in the fridge or freezer,it soaks up any broth you originally added khổng lồ it. So, spooning a little extra over the chicken before eating it isn’t a bad idea.

And that’s how we make juicy, tender, crave-worthy shredded chicken. I think I’ll go eat one of those sandwiches now.

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Recipe updated, originally posted June2015. Since posting this in 2015, we have địa chỉ cửa hàng a recipe video clip and tweaked the recipe to be more clear. – Adam and Joanne