How to cook chicken breast in a pan on the stove

Tandoori Chicken without oven is a delicious recipe made using chicken & shared here is along with a đoạn clip procedure. It is made without an oven on a gas stove. I have shared every step by step detail in this post on how to lớn make this chicken without using a microwave.

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To make it with an oven or without an oven?

Earlier days there was no oven và these recipes used khổng lồ be made using seekh or skewers using barbeque techniques và without doubt the taste of such technique can never beat the oven cooking techniques.Using BBQ infuses the smoky flavors which cannot be done using a microwave or any other technique but the method I have shown is simple, easy & something which even a person who is not an expert in cooking chicken can try it.The sticks or skewers were used lớn put in the whole chicken and were put inside the tandoor in very hot temperature which would then be coated with butter. Even now all the restaurants follow these procedures and are sold very expensively.So, my recipe is for all those people who would like to try these restaurant style of recipes at home and getting the best taste out of it.

About the recipe

The recipe which I have shown almost tastes lượt thích the restaurant style & the flavors that come out from the tandoor chicken are similar lớn the one that are usually sold on the road side as street food recipes.

There are many high rated chicken items on the blog và among those recipes my favorite recipes are chicken masala, dahi chicken, cooker biryani, chicken cutlets , chicken keema etc...To make this recipe, I have used chicken pieces và marinated them with spices. This chicken requires two step marination procedure lớn give a juicy và soft texture to lớn the cooked chicken.

The chicken pieces are marinated for about 30 khổng lồ 40 minutes with some basic herbs & then cooked on low flame for about 30 minutes in some butter và oil.

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The chicken here is cooked in a pan và it gives a good juicy flavor as obtained in an oven. One does not require any oven to make the tandoori chicken.


First marination khổng lồ the chicken needs some basic spices and a lemon extract which helps in tenderizing the chicken.

Second marination requires yogurt and some more spices which are infused into the chicken after marinating it for a long time.The recipe does not need any tandoori chicken masala and yet it gives the best restaurant flavour.

This recipe can also be made using just chicken legs or some drumsticks but here, I have made use of tandoori pieces which are easily available in every chicken centre.


Chicken here is cooked on low flame to give a juicy flavor khổng lồ the chicken. It is a very easy method of making tandoori chicken và I assure that my blog readers would not be disheartened after trying out the recipe.Below are the recipe details on how to lớn make tandoori chicken using a gas stove without a microwave.Tandoori chicken here is not a dry recipe as I have added oil and butter lớn give a good juicy và moist texture khổng lồ the recipe.