How to disable a mouse pad on an asus notebook


If you don"t need a touchpad, you should turn off the touchpad on an hãng asus laptop lớn avoid being hit during keyboard typing, avoiding inconvenience.

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The touchpad or touchpad is the default component found in every laptop, not just Asus. Sometimes we do not want khổng lồ use the touchpad as being touched causing inconvenience when typing text. If you"re used khổng lồ using an external computer mouse, turning off the touchpad completely is no problem. The following article will guide you how khổng lồ turn off the touchpad on hãng asus laptops with all the steps.

Method 1: Use a shortcut key combination 

Most máy tính xách tay models today have a shortcut on / off touchpad. For hãng asus laptops, this key combination is a key press F9 or Fn + F9. Chú ý that each brand usually has a chất lượng combination, not the same. If you want to lớn turn on the touchpad again, press this combination again. However, this method is not always possible, users must tải về the software (specifically hãng asus Smart Gesture) to install the touchpad.

If there is a separate mouse, the touchpad is no longer effective

Method 2: Turn off touchpad on asus laptop in Control Panel

Go to lớn Control Panel by searching in the tìm kiếm box or pressing Windown + R, type Control PanelIn the tìm kiếm section of Control Panel, type MouseMouse settings window (Mouse Properties) will appear. Click the Device Settings tabGo to Touchpad> press Disable (disable)

To reopen the touch mouse, you vì chưng the same, press Enable is done.

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In addition to lớn the manual, you can always download the hãng asus app lớn adjust

Method 3: Turn off touchpad on asus laptop with Keyboard Service

If using both of the simple methods above still doesn"t disable the touchpad as expected, you can try this third method.

Press the Windows + R key combination, xuất hiện the Run window> type tìm kiếm for services.msc.The Services menu will appear, click Name, find touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service.Touchpad panel will appear, find the Startup type và press Disable.Find the Service status và press Stop to lớn turn off the Service.Click OK lớn save the settings.

With this method, you must restart the laptop for the new settings khổng lồ activate.

Asus touchpad now also has interesting features such as virtual numeric keypad, virtual control area, . If so, bởi vì not turn off!

Method 4: Turn off the touchpad by renaming TabTib.exe

This final method has a few more steps, but the efficiency is high:

Press the Windows + R key combination, open the Run window> type tìm kiếm C: Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedinkA thư mục will appear, tìm kiếm for TabTib.exe fileRight-click on this file và select Properties.The installation panel appears, select the Advanced tab.In the Advanced Security Settings tab, look for Owner.The Owner section will have a default setting of TrustedInstaller. Click Change.The Select User or Group table appears, in the Enter the object section, enter Administrators.Click OKGo back to lớn the TabTib.exe file (right-click), which means you have to redo the exact same table again.In the Advanced Security Settings window, click Change Permissions, now that the Administrators option is available, click on it.Select Full Control.Back khổng lồ the original directory, rename the file TapTip.exe to TapTip.exe.bak
This method will disable mouse touch completely until you turn it back on

There are many ways to turn off the touchpad on hãng asus laptops in particular and máy tính xách tay brands in general. The above 4 ways are simple from high to lớn low, so you bởi each method one by one, the previous method is not possible, please vị the following!