Bombay duck fish hotpot

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Bombay duck fish hotpot consists of fresh fish and a spicy & sour broth. Bombay duck fish must be fresh, thick meat, cleaned, and then thoroughly marinated with spices. The broth is cooked from star fruit, sour bamboo shoots, pineapple, green bananas & seasoned to taste. Put the fish in each of them so that it is not crushed & retains its natural sweetness.

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Chef Pham Tuan Hai, a jury of the former Vietnam Master Chef, said he also likes the Bombay duck fish hotpot so much. Photo: Bao ve sầu Moi Truong

This signature dish has gotten popular in the Northern Vietnam, restaurants và home-cooks in Hanoi đô thị also serve bombay duck fish hotpot, but with their own recipes.

One of the most important steps for the dish lớn be a success is choosing a fish which is fresh with a thick body. Quang đãng Binh locals usually wake up early in the morning khổng lồ the beach lớn wait for fishermen khổng lồ return from the high sea khổng lồ buy the freshest fish sized from 15-18cm."

After being washed clean, each fish is cut into two parts, then soaked with spices such as salt, pepper, chilli and cu nen (a kind of small onion, locally known as "Hanh tam", available in the central region) which is cut into pieces, for half an hour before cooking.

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Hanh tam has its own flavor that it helps the dish have a special taste compared with other onions in the north.

Cooking Bombay duck fish hopot is quite simple, first cutting the fish into third or four parts (depends on the shape of fish). Spices to marinate fish are very simple, including salt, pepper or chili, especially chives can enhance the flavor. Then, you can cut the fish into third or four parts (depends on the shape of fish).

After preparing the fish, you have to lớn prepare materials for hot pot such as tomatoes, star fruits, mushrooms, tamarind và pickles. Next, cut the bamboo shoots và put all of them into the hot pot. Wait in some minutes and you can địa chỉ tomatoes, star fruits, mushrooms, tamarind & pickles.

The ingredients for the hotpot’s broth include pork bones, which should be stewed for one hour before putting tomato, tamarind, sour starfruit, pickled mustard greens, sour bamboo & mushroom in.

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The dish pairs well with fish sauce. The delicious of this fish’s meat is perfect, so cooking it as simple as best. Be careful not to let the fish to be well cooked.

You only showroom the fish in when the water is boiled. Once it is cooked you need lớn take the fish out on a plate và enjoy when it is still hot. Served with fresh herbs available at the local gardens, you will fill up your stomach in no time.

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Lau ca khoai is very good for people with headaches và dizziness, as well as high blood pressure và hacking cough. It is a perfect hangover cure, with savvy & fresh taste combined, ready for you to enjoy by the riverside.

Apart from hotpot, the fish can be cooked other dishes such as canh ca khoai rau củ can (soup with water dropwort), chao ca khoai (porridge) and canh chua ca khoai (sour soup).

Quang Binh Province is severely hot in the summer so local people often cook this special dish khổng lồ cool down and treat ailments such as sore throat, cold & constipation. The Bombay Duck Fish Hotpot really helps weak patients, the elderly, và children with malnutrition.

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