Mobile hotspot not working in windows 10? here's how to fix it


1. Go to lớn Windows Settings > Network và Internet > mobile hotspot.2. For "Share my internet connection over," choose Wi-Fi to chia sẻ your connection.A) For Wi-Fi, select "Edit," và enter a new network name, network password, và network band, then select "Save."B) For Bluetooth, use the process for adding a device khổng lồ your Windows 10 PC.3. To connect on the other device, go khổng lồ the device"s Wi-Fi settings, find your network name, select it, enter the password, và then connect.

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If you bought or got a new Windows 10 PC recently, you might not know that you can nội dung your mạng internet connection with other devices. Windows 10 makes it easy to chia sẻ your mạng internet connection with other devices, whether they are running Windows 10 or not. If however, you need to cốt truyện an mạng internet connection to lớn your PC from your tiện ích ios or android device, kiểm tra out this guide.

Here"s what you need to bởi vì to nói qua your internet connection with Windows 10.

To get started, you need to lớn find the thiết bị di động hotspot settings on your Windows 10 PC. Go lớn the "Network & Internet" section under settings, or use the tìm kiếm box in Windows 10 to search for "mobile hotspot."


Once there, you can choose to cốt truyện your internet connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Please lưu ý that sharing your internet connection via bluetooth không dây may not be the best option. Công nghệ bluetooth không dây is used to connect devices at short-range whereas Wi-Fi is ideal for high-speed mạng internet access. Also, Wi-Fi provides you with the ability to tóm tắt your connection with more devices.

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For this example, I will show you how to tóm tắt your Windows 10 PC as a smartphone hotspot using your Wi-Fi connection. Toggle the "Share my connection with other devices" at the đứng đầu of the page. Underneath, choose the option that you want to tóm tắt your connection using Wi-Fi. The most important thing you need to vì is khổng lồ set a network name, network password, và network band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or any available) for your di động hotspot.

Edit Network Settings

Once you have configured the network name, password, và band, you need to lớn complete the Wi-Fi connection on the other device. On the other device, go to lớn the Wi-Fi settings, find và select your network name & network password to lớn connect khổng lồ the thiết bị di động hotspot.

You can use Bluetooth, but Wi-Fi is a better choice if you want to lớn get the fastest internet connection tốc độ possible. One bonus for using công nghệ bluetooth is that bluetooth không dây doesn"t use as much nguồn as Wi-Fi does, so bluetooth không dây is a better option if you"re not plugged into an outlet; bluetooth không dây will not drain your PC"s battery as fast as Wi-Fi.

It all depends on what your usage is when using your Windows 10 PC as a di động hotspot. We have everything you need to know about công nghệ bluetooth on Windows 10 here. Vày you chia sẻ your Windows 10 PC"s internet connection with other devices? Let us know in the comments.