Access your pc remotely on your samsung qled tv or smart monitor


How to Connect máy tính to Samsung Smart Tv Wireless? If you ever wanted your TV khổng lồ serve as a computer, then Samsung QLED TV and Smart Monitor will grant your request.

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There are two ways to remotely access your computer when you need lớn access files or call into a conference meeting: via a remote PC connection or wireless screen sharing.

You don’t even need khổng lồ be computer skilled to do it.

All you need is a suitable laptop with Windows PC, Mac, or Smart Monitor khổng lồ set up the various functionalities.

Note: This feature is only accessible on TVs và Smart Monitors from 2019 & newer.

Remote access is available only on PCs running Windows 7 Professional or later. A network connection is required for your devices.

Using the Samsung Smart Hub, Connect your máy tính xách tay to Your Samsung Smart TV.

The Samsung Smart Hub allows you to lớn stream videos, music, and images from your máy tính xách tay to your smart TV if both devices (laptop và smart TV) are connected khổng lồ the same Wi-Fi network. Although Samsung provides an Allshare application for putting on your máy tính xách tay so that it can be transformed khổng lồ a DLNA server, it is more convenient to utilize the DNLA hệ thống that comes with Windows truyền thông media Player. ۔

You may give your máy tính the option of playing your favorite material on Smart TV and browsing your favorite stuff through the Samsung Smart Hub by sharing nội dung on your laptop.

Getting your laptop readyAscertain that your laptop and the Samsung Smart Hub are both connected khổng lồ the same Wi-Fi network.Swipe left to “Search,” then put “Windows truyền thông Player” into the tìm kiếm box that appears.After that, go lớn “Apps” & then “Windows media Player.”Select “Turn on truyền thông Streaming” from the Stream menu and press the “Turn on truyền thông media Streaming” button.Choose your Smart TV from the menu of available devices.To give Samsung Smart Hub access lớn your files and view your favorite material on your laptop, check the box.Use file Explorer to tìm kiếm your laptop‘s libraries for material.Right-click the library, then choose “New” & “Shortcut” from the menu.Then, in this folder, add the items you want khổng lồ distribute. To mô tả the content, click “Finish.”If you no longer want to chia sẻ a shortcut, you can remove it from the library.

Configuring the Samsung Smart Hub

After turning on your Smart TV, click the “Menu” button on your TV remote & choose “Network,” then “All nội dung settings,” và finally “Content sharing.”Choose your laptop from the list of available devices. Using your TV remote, select the desired device khổng lồ allow you khổng lồ play media on your smart TV.On your TV remote, press the “Smart Hub” button. Select “Photos, Videos, and Music” from the Smart Hub‘s đứng top menu.Select the type of truyền thông you want khổng lồ watch, such as videos, và then select your laptop from the các mục of networked devices. To xuất hiện the folders, click on them, then find the film you wish khổng lồ watch on your smart TV. Lớn play it, you must first pick it.

3. Using a DeX or HDMI cable khổng lồ reflect your screen

Note: That HDMI output is not available on the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy A, or Galaxy J series.

If you can’t connect your phone or tablet to lớn a TV wirelessly, you can use a DeX cable or a USB-C khổng lồ HDMI connection to lớn screen mirror. Simply attach the wire khổng lồ your television.

Screen mirroring may begin automatically on some models. Lớn access the Notification panel, you may need to lớn slide down from the đứng top of your device’s screen. Then press the “Tap here lớn switch to lớn screen mirroring” Samsung DeX notice. Now, on your TV, select the appropriate source, và whatever is on your phone will appear on the screen.

4. Chromecast Mirroring from a laptop to a Smart TV

Another wonderful technology for connecting your máy tính xách tay to your Smart TV is Chromecast. This is a plug-in gadget that turns your devices into receivers, and it’s known for working with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, iPhone, Mac, Android, & Chromebooks. It’ll also work with your smart TV.

By casting videos or music from your computer and suspending online sharing, Chromecast also allows you khổng lồ watch material on your PC. This small dongle is simply available at your neighborhood retailer.

To use your Chromecast, configure it và plug it into a power nguồn outlet và your TV.On your laptop, make sure you have the most recent version of Google Chrome installed.If you already have it, go lớn the thực đơn icon và choose “Cast” from the drop-down menu. ProvidedScroll down lớn “Cast to” & choose between “Cast tab” và “Cast desktop” in the new window.While doing so, hit the Cast symbol in the upper right corner of your device‘s screen & select “Stop” lớn display the mirror laptop on your Smart TV.

Given that this is a premium option, you’d expect it lớn have more features. Unfortunately, it does have certain flaws that aren’t really appealing. The dongle, for example, does not work on its own. You must connect it khổng lồ a nguồn supply. This can cause a lot of problems, especially if you don’t have an extra store. Furthermore, it does not allow 4K viewing, which is a major flaw.

5. Use your Smart Monitor to lớn connect lớn your computer.

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Using your Smart Monitor lớn access your PC is comparable khổng lồ using a QLED TV.Before you begin, kiểm tra sure your computer is turned on và that remote access is turned on.Note that if you can’t turn on remote access, it’s because your current software version doesn’t support it.Navigate khổng lồ Source on your Smart Monitor, then to Remote Access, then to Remote PC.You’ll need khổng lồ enter your PC or Mac’s IP address or choose a profile khổng lồ use Remote PC. After that, type in your user ID & password.Hover over Manage User Profiles & then press Select to register a regularly used computer.Select Add, và then fill in the information for the computer.You can now access and control your monitor from anywhere!

6. To nói qua your screen, connect your PC to your television.

Note: Only the 2021 8K QLED/Micro LED versions support connecting khổng lồ a PC on a different network than the TV. With a future phầm mềm update, we hope to địa chỉ this capability for other new 2021 models. On Mac computers, this software và feature are not available.

Screen Sharing is comparable khổng lồ the new PC on TV capability, except that the computer & TV can be on different networks (select models only). You’ll be able to links your computer lớn a television và control it while it’s on the bigger screen.

Copy và paste this URL into your website browser on the PC you want to lớn connect to the TV: It will tải về the required program automatically.

Note: If popup blockers are enabled, the program may not be able lớn download.

When the tải về is finished, mở cửa the file & follow the thiết lập wizard to lớn complete the installation.Open the PC on TV app on your computer when you’re ready. Select Start after agreeing lớn the terms and conditions.Sign in lớn your Samsung account by selecting Sign in, entering your credentials, and then selecting Sign in.Adjust the designated settings if necessary. After that, select Complete, then Complete again.You’ll be taken to lớn the main page of the app, where you can make even more changes.After you’ve phối up the app, you may connect your computer to the TV. On your TV remote, press the home button.Select Source, then PC on TV from the drop-down menu.Look for the option lớn connect your PC to your television. The name of any compatible laptops or desktops with the PC on TV software installed will appear next to this icon. Khổng lồ select the name of your PC, use the remote control on your TV.

Note: If you don’t see your computer’s name, make sure the PC on TV app is open on your computer.

It should connect instantly once you select the PC’s name! While the PC’s interface is displayed on the TV, you can traverse it with your mouse.

There are two ways khổng lồ disconnect your devices once you’ve finished utilizing the PC on TV feature:

This is what the computer says: In the lower right-hand corner of your PC, select Disconnect, then Confirm.If the Disconnect icon does not appear, first pick the PC on TV icon to lớn bring it up.

Our Final Thoughts on Connect máy tính xách tay to Samsung Smart Tv

As mentioned above, there are numerous ways khổng lồ connect your large Samsung Smart TV screen khổng lồ your laptop. If you don’t have access to lớn wires, you can use a wireless connection, which involves simply the installation of wireless-related software on your máy tính and then following the instructions outlined above.

The usage of an HDMI cable, on the other hand, is the most trustworthy option because it allows for quick connectivity. Make sure the HDMI cables are connected to both your máy tính and your Smart TV.

So, I hope I’ve answered your question “How can I connect my máy tính to my Samsung Smart TV?” If you still have any concerns or worries after reading this entire tutorial, leave them in the comments và I’ll answer them.

FAQs Connect máy tính To My Samsung TV

You can connect your laptop to your Samsung Smart TV without using cords in one of three ways. Lớn connect your máy tính to a Samsung Smart TV, you can use Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Smart View, or Chromecast. However, it is up to you khổng lồ decide what works best for you.

Connecting your PC lớn your Samsung TV via HDMI is a secure option. You’ll need a working HDMI cable, và then you’ll need to lớn find the port where you’ll plug one kết thúc of the cable into your computer. The second step is khổng lồ plug the other kết thúc of the cable into one of the HDMI ports on your Samsung TV. You may connect your Samsung Smart TV lớn your PC via HDMI this manner.