How to connect airpods to your laptop


We show you the most effective ways lớn connect your AirPods khổng lồ a Windows PC or laptop.

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AirPods are designed khổng lồ work seamlessly with other táo bị cắn devices. However, the same cannot be said when you try connecting your AirPods lớn a Windows máy tính xách tay or PC.

The problem is, Windows has consistently dominated Apple’s macOS, amassing almost 75% of the Global desktop OS market nội dung from 2013-2021. Given this backdrop, does it mean 75% of global PC users will miss out on AirPods’ features?

Thankfully, not! We’re here to show you some smart workarounds on how you can connect your AirPods lớn a Windows PC or máy vi tính and get these two seemingly ‘incompatible’ devices lớn work together. Let’s dive in!

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How khổng lồ Connect Your AirPods lớn a Windows PC

While connecting AirPods or AirPods Pro to a Windows PC requires a few additional steps (as compared to your other compatible ios devices), it’s still fairly simple.

The good news is that, lượt thích any other true wireless earphones, AirPods use công nghệ bluetooth – meaning that they can connect to other non-Apple devices that have a bluetooth không dây module. This includes Android, Xbox, và PlayStation.

However, before we get khổng lồ the details of how khổng lồ connect AirPods khổng lồ a Windows computer, it’s worth noting that not every Windows computer has Bluetooth, especially custom-built desktop PCs.

You can check if your PC has bluetooth by right-clicking on Start > Device Manager and see if there’s an entry for Bluetooth. There, you should find a bluetooth không dây option listed under Network Connections. If not, it means your device doesn’t have built-in bluetooth capabilities.

If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, check out our detailed guide on how to connect công nghệ bluetooth headphones khổng lồ your PC.

After confirming that your PC has công nghệ bluetooth with the latest driver, here’s how you can connect your AirPods or AirPods Pro lớn your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC:

Thereafter, you can remove your AirPods from their case & use them as you please.

Remember that some AirPods features might not work when you use them with a Microsoft máy vi tính or a Windows PC. This includes features such as automatic in-ear detection, instant pairing, battery status display, gesture customization, and Siri.

Looking lớn get the most out of your AirPods? kiểm tra out our collection of AirPods tips và tricks to make your life easier.

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How to lớn Disconnect Your AirPods From Your Windows PC

Like any other công nghệ bluetooth device, you can easily disconnect your AirPods from other devices once you’re done using them. Here’s how you can disconnect your AirPods from a Windows PC:

Go back to lớn Settings from the Windows start menu, then click the ‘Devices’ option.Confirm your selection by clicking Yes lớn remove the device.

An example of a successful bluetooth troubleshoot dialog

Manual troubleshooting

Windows will likely be able to lớn find any hardware or software-related problems that cause your AirPods khổng lồ not connect properly lớn your PC.

But in case it doesn’t, here are several manual troubleshooting measures you can try:

Make sure your PC’s bluetooth không dây is on. You can kiểm tra this in Settings > Devices > Bluetooth.Ensure that your AirPods have enough charge và that they’ve been updated with the latest firmware.Check whether the Airplane mode is active. Go to lớn Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane Mode khổng lồ verify this.Turn bluetooth off & on again. Go khổng lồ Settings > Devices > Bluetooth và other devices > switch the slider off. Wait for a few seconds, then turn it back on.
While you’re exploring any of these troubleshooting measures, make sure your AirPods are clean and không tính tiền of debris và earwax build-up, so they don’t throw up glitches when you try to lớn connect them lớn your Windows computer.

When all else fails, you can always narrow down the issue by testing your AirPods with other devices.

If they work, then the problem lies with your PC or laptop. But if they don’t, there might be underlying issues with your AirPods. In that case, contact Apple support to see if you’re still under warranty & viable for a replacement.


By now, you should be listening lớn your jam or having an online meeting using AirPods with your Windows PC.

Although they work best with táo devices, AirPods can connect to lớn most Bluetooth-enabled devices – albeit with some features disabled.

If your AirPods still keep disconnecting from your Windows laptop, follow our detailed guide on why AirPods keep disconnecting.

Did you find significant issues when connecting your AirPods lớn a Windows PC? Or is there any step you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!