American Hotcakes Recipe: Easy & Freezer



1cupall-purpose flour
1teaspoonbaking soda
1cupsour milk
1largeegg yolks
1largeegg whites white, beaten stiff và folded in last


237mlall-purpose flour
5mlbaking soda
237mlsour milk
1eachegg yolks
1eachegg whites white, beaten stiff và folded in last

Mix all the ingredients in the order given.

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Heat a frying pan or grill lớn medium low temperature. Place a teaspoon of cooking oil or a non stick spray into pan. Butter also works. Use a tablespoon to lớn drop batter into pan.

Cook batter until bubbles size on the đứng đầu of the pancake and then turn over và cook until done. Repeat process until all have been made.

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why didnt´t you use linking words, i really need them.. But you!!* ahhhh this is not fair

about 12 years ago

what did you mean by linking words? Your comment was really not clear, please give us more information, then we will help you fix the problems in the recipe!

about 12 years ago

I had some raw unpasteurized milk that had soured & was looking for a good recipe lớn use it in. I came across these hot cakes and WOW!!! These were fantastic, a great hit with my family.

about 11 years ago

thanks for this quick recipe... Just made some & my niece love it...we miss also philippine hotcake... Keep it up..

over 9 years ago

Glad khổng lồ hear that your niece loved these pancakes. Hope you will find more delicious recipes to lớn enjoy. Happy Cooking :-)

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