Robot Or Human? ? Dell Inspiron 5000 2

Entertain yourself everywhere with the all-new Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1, featuring four flexible viewing modes & an expansive screen in a sleek, compact size.

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A better view: Enjoy the flexibility of wide-viewing angle (WVA) technology that allows everyone to gather around the screen lớn see the latest viral video. Dazzling display: View content in style. A FHD display is encased in narrow borders resulting in an expansive screen-to-body ratio & a delightful viewing experience.More modes: Choose which mode best suits your viewing preferences & busy lifestyle. Enjoy tent or stand mode for movies on the plane or letting kids watch cartoons at the kitchen table. Tablet mode makes watching while reclined easier than ever while traditional máy vi tính mode lets you easily pause to check social truyền thông or browse the Internet. Connectivity you can count on: With the new optional 802.11 AX wireless protocol, also known as WIFI 6, your Inspiron 2-in-1"s WIFI transfer speeds, range and reliability works better than ever in busy coffee shops và other high-traffic areas. You"ll also enjoy a greater range from hotspots.

Privacy matters: Binge your day away without worry. Our all-new privacy camera shutter protects against anyone invading your privacy.

Refreshing và refined: Enjoy a clean-looking palm rest kiến thiết with vent holes incorporated into the hinge and the power nguồn button incorporated into the keyboard.A stylish stylus: Draw & write naturally with an optional Active Pen, designed lớn sketch, take notes, or write seamlessly and comfortably. Easy access: Turn on your laptop simply by opening the lid & log-in using only your touch. Even from hibernation or powered down, the lid-open sensor gets the máy tính xách tay started as soon as you mở cửa it. Sign-on is easy, fast and safe with an optional fingerprint reader on the power nguồn button và Windows Hello.Light up your world: See in the dark with an optional backlit keyboard that allows you to lớn easily type in dim-light settings, such as finding your favorite streaming content late at night in bed or traveling overnight on a plane.
Your favorite nội dung is now under one roof with the Cinema Guide. Search across a variety of streaming services; track new and watched episodes of your favorite shows; & do it all with the amazing colour, sound và streaming of Cinema.Available on devices with Windows 10 in either the Microsoft Store or preloaded on your XPS, Inspiron, or G Series computers.*Subscription may be required to lớn view content on some streaming services.

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Seamless PC/smartphone integration: Access multiple devices without dividing your attention— mobile Connect pairs your game ios or Android smartphone with your laptop.Limit disruptions: With sản phẩm điện thoại Connect, you get the option to lớn channel notifications from phone calls, SMS, IMs và other apps right to your laptop. Keep your focus on a single screen and respond only when it’s convenient for you.Maintain your privacy: Your phone connects to your PC via điện thoại Connect’s point-to-point, secure connection so your data is never exposed via unsecure mạng internet connections.Easy transfer: Quickly move photos, videos, music và documents from PCs to android phones, & vice-versa, without complicated cloud storage services or cumbersome cables.*Not supported by Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
1. SD thẻ Reader | 2. USB 3.2 gen 1 Type A | 3. Headphone/Microphone bộ combo | 4. Wedge-shaped lock slot | 5. Power nguồn jack | 6. HDMI 1.4b | 7. USB 3.2 ren 1 Type A | 8. USB 3.2 ren 1 Type-C™ (DP/PowerDelivery)
Dune và Platinum Silver: 1. Height: 18.94 milimet (0.75") | 2. Width: 324.30 mm (12.77") | 3. Depth: 222.80 mm (8.77") | Starting Weight: 1.62 kilogam (3.57 lb)*Titan Gray: 1. Height: 17.94 milimet (0.71") | 2. Width: 322.50 milimet (12.70") | 3. Depth: 221.90 milimet (8.74") | Starting Weight: 1.55 kilogam (3.42 lb)*
Every Inspiron is mindfully designed khổng lồ ensure reliable performance over years of regular use. We’ve rigorously tested our systems to lớn enhance your experience.
Even after exposure khổng lồ temperatures from as low as -40°C/°F khổng lồ up khổng lồ 65°C/149°F, Inspiron keeps performing.
Our nguồn buttons are tested for 40,000 presses & our keyboard keys for 5 million clicks without failure. Open, closed, or twisted—Inspiron’s base and lid have been tested tens of thousands of times.
We demo internal connectors on components from USB to AC to lớn batteries dozens of times to ensure lasting performance & easy replacement.