Are laptops allowed in checked luggage?


In March 2017, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) announced an update for which electronic elements are allowed and not allowed in the checked baggage. Are laptops allowed in checked baggage with this new regulation? If you’re getting ready for a flight, it’s important to know this update is related not only to laptops, it also has to do with other devices like cameras, Tablets, và PlayStations. 

Are Laptops Allowed in Checked Baggage?

Laptops và other electronic types of equipment, such as tablets or bạn devices, are allowed in checked baggage. That being said, TSA and most airlines strongly encourage you to lớn store them in your carry on.

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If you register your laptop in Checked Baggage, you should be aware that your device might suffer damages due khổng lồ probable poor handling & manipulation of your personal belongings.


Is a máy vi tính Allowed in Your Checked Baggage in India?

You are allowed to lớn keep your máy tính in your checked baggage in India. Keep in mind the risks associated with the handling of your equipment and the regular security procedures in the airports. 

However, laptops may soon be banned from check-in baggage in India, so if you’re planning lớn travel there, you should regularly kiểm tra if this regulation still stands. Other personal devices such as power nguồn banks, portable điện thoại chargers và e-cigarettes are already banned in check-in baggage in India.

This is all in the response of fears that their battery would somehow catch fire & go undetected, leading khổng lồ possible catastrophes. This actually happened a couple of years ago when mobile phone caught fire on a Delhi-Indore flight which the cabin crew was fortunately able lớn quickly extinguish.

How Many Laptops Can I Carry on a Plane?

There are actually no limits on the number of Laptops that you can carry on a plane. However, you should be aware that all electronic equipment you take in your checked baggage is exposed khổng lồ several risks of handling. Besides, you will probably need to mở cửa your baggage due to most security procedures.

How bởi vì you Travel with a Laptop?

The best way to lớn travel with your máy tính is to lớn take it in your carry on baggage. That way you can keep your máy tính xách tay close to you and prevent any damage to lớn your devices or mishandling. You can even get some work done on the plane, too!


Is It Safe for My máy tính xách tay to Take It in the Checked Baggage?

All travelers must be aware that there are several precautions about personal data security and security of your own laptop equipment that you need to lớn take before traveling.

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Mishandling Risks

It’s unpredictable how your checked baggage is going to lớn suffer the eventualities of a regular flight. Flying turbulences, bad manipulation by the field personal, delays, & air traffic issues can put your equipment at risk. If you still want lớn have your máy vi tính in your checked baggage, make sure you put your máy vi tính in the middle section of your baggage, surrounded by clothes or soft items, lớn prevent any possible damage.

Also, remember it’s likely you’ll go through a deep security kiểm tra by the airport authorities if you have a laptop in your checked baggage. Don’t worry, if this happens the airport staff must have you there during the inspection of your baggage.

Personal Data Risks

If you register your máy tính xách tay in the checked baggage, there is a slight risk that your máy vi tính may be hacked. It will only take minutes to lớn a potential criminal to insert some software or hardware to get your personal information. 


If that concerns you, a tamper-evident plastic bag is an excellent method lớn make sure your máy tính xách tay isn’t compromised during your flight. This also gives you a concrete way lớn know if your máy vi tính is been manipulated, as well as claim evidence.

Additionally, if you have sensitive info on your laptop, it would be convenient lớn increase its security level, by adding different layers of security. Use a security program to lớn provide more keywords, or two steps verification protocols, using your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh or your fingerprint if your máy tính xách tay allows it.


Legally, you are allowed khổng lồ carry your máy vi tính in your checked baggage. However, this can be potentially harmful to lớn your personal security and your laptop. Additionally, airline companies & airport authorities around the world encourage you not to vị it due khổng lồ security precautions.