Are laptops allowed in checked baggage


Most commonly passengers travel with their laptops in their hand luggage and their máy tính xách tay counts as their personal item.

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But can you pack a máy tính xách tay in checked luggage?

This post has all the advice you need about flying with a laptop.

TSA máy tính Rules


You can’t pack battery banks, or máy tính chargers than have an inbuilt battery in hold baggage.

You can’t legitimately pack any spare laptop batteries in your hold luggage. & the TSA officers will always have the final decision about what is permitted inside your suitcase whether it’s carry-on or checked.

Dangers Of Flying With A Laptop

But just because it’s not prohibited should you pack your laptop in your checked bag?

In a word… no!

For a start, the FAA don’t really want you to vị it, which is why there is forever talk about laptops being banned from checked bags for safety reasons.

Here is a quote from the FAA who are responsible for aircraft safety:

Devices containing lithium metal or lithium ion batteries (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) should be carried in carry-on baggage when possible.

So the FAA suggests packing all smart phones, laptops, và electronic devices in hand luggage where possible.

It makes sense to lớn pack any device with a lithium battery in hand luggage because all lithium batteries are a fire risk.

Check out this đoạn clip of a máy vi tính catching fire. You can see how quickly things escalate. Now imagine that this happens inside the cargo hold of the aircraft where nobody is around lớn extinguish the flames. There could be serious consequences.

Laptop fires are rare which is why laptops are not banned from hold luggage yet. If you do kiểm tra your máy tính then make sure it is turned off & there is no way that it could be switched on by accident.

Does the airport kiểm tra your checked luggage?

Yes, your checked luggage is scanned by an x-ray machine just lượt thích your carry-on bag is scanned. Security officers may open your bag to inspect the contents. Your máy vi tính hard drive won’t be damaged by the x-ray scan.

It’s not unknown for items to lớn mysteriously disappear from checked luggage and this is another reason why it’s smarter lớn pack your laptop in hand luggage.

Laptops are valuable và TSA security officers, baggage handlers, và yes, thieves, have better access khổng lồ steal your laptop from checked luggage.

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Also, checked bags sometimes get lost. You might arrive at your destination but your checked bag và your máy tính might not be there to meet you. If you don’t want to risk losing your máy vi tính then don’t pack it in your checked bag.

Note: Flying From Middle Eastern Countries

From March 2017 until July 2017 laptops were banned by the department of homeland security from the cabin on flights from the middle east. This ban has now been lifted.

The Word On The “Street”

Let’s see what the chatter is around flying with laptops in checked luggage:

American Airlines

Sinnabelle was pretty unhappy about how her laptop was handled by American Airlines when her carry-on suitcase was force checked. It’s an argument for keeping your máy tính in a máy tính case that can slide under the seat as a personal item.


Delta Airlines

Claire’s touchpad got a nasty crack after her flight with Delta.



Rich realised putting his máy tính xách tay in checked luggage was a huge mistake…

But only after it was too late!



Lucie’s laptop and $50 mysteriously disappeared from her checked case & the TSA left a cảnh báo to say they’d been in there…

It doesn’t mean the TSA stole it but it wouldn’t have happened if Lucie had taken her máy tính xách tay as a carry on.



Another airline, another checked bag, another damaged laptop.


Spirit Airlines

We bet Dan wishes he never packed his laptops in checked luggage now.


United Airlines

All airlines have horror stories about damaged laptops in checked luggage. Alexandra has her máy vi tính broken và jewelry stolen from checked luggage.


The Verdict

You can put a máy vi tính in checked luggage but you almost always shouldn’t.

It’s safer for a start, there is less risk of fire if your laptop is in the cabin.

And if your máy tính is valuable just remember there is a chance you might never see it again or that when you bởi vì see it it might have a smashed screen.

We strongly advise packing laptops in carry-on bags. You can usually use your personal thắng lợi allowance khổng lồ slide your laptop under your seat.

Why not get one step ahead and tải về some entertainment khổng lồ watch on the plane on your laptop! The best place for your máy tính xách tay to be during a flight is on your lap helping you watch a movie và pass the time.