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How To Sew A Pillowcase For Beginners: An Easy Diy Project, How To Make A Pillowcase

DIY Bed Pillow Cases: 3 sizes and 3 different styles (including the “burrito” method)

Some of you have reading this blog for years and years (or maybe it’s only been my mom for that long…hi mom!) — but some of you may remember years ago, when the sweet little face of Ruby Jane first graced the internet with her big beautiful eyes……and has since made a big impact on this world. In short, little baby Ruby left this world after 7 months of life, due to liver failure. My heart is still drawn to baby Ruby, even after all these years.

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Ruby’s mom, Ani, contacted me several weeks ago about a project that she and her older daughter Kate started recently, called Project Serve Together. (instagram:
servetogether) She said that any time they have felt sad since losing Ruby, they would think of some sort of service to do, and do it RIGHT THEN….and have found so much joy in doing so. They started Project Serve Together on Ruby’s 3rd Angel Day (or 3 years since her passing) and decided to invite others to join them. Each week, they pick a service to do, and ask everyone to join them in completing the service with their own family. On her site, Ani mentions that has helped us in our journey of grief, in bringing us joy and happiness as we lose ourselves in others.”

After scrolling down a bit on her site, my eyes fell upon a quote on her sidebar… “the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others. — Gordon B Hinckley” 

Right at that very moment, I immediately recalled how many times in my own life that any sorrow/frustration/discouragement in my life, has always been lightened when I have forgotten myself, and reached outward. There is so much truth in that one single statement.

The reason for Ani contacting me recently, was to tell me about her most recent project that she and her daughter have been wanting to do and asking a quick favor. They met a family while Ruby was sick, who also ended up losing their son Collin, or “Bubba”. Each year, Bubba’s mom Julie, collects pillowcases and donates them to the Children’s Hospital. She remembers Bubba receiving a pillowcase in the hospital and was so impressed by the warmth that this one little pillowcase brought her son, so she wanted to continue doing the same for other sick children.

This is where I come in. But my part is the easy part. I’m just going to show you how quick and simple it is to make a basic little pillowcase (3 different ways), so that you can consider possibly sending a few off to help lift the spirits of struggling little kiddos, by donating to Bubba’s Pillow Case Drive. Yes, maybe you need a few new pillowcase in your own house (I do too!), or want to make a few sets as gifts (that sounds like fun, I’ll probably do that too!), but while you’re at it, cut out a few extras and join in on the incredible joy you’ll find in serving kiddos who could sure use some love. A simple gift that will give right back to your own heart, ten fold. 🙂

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