Anh xa wifi laptop với laptop ipad

You can use Sidecar wirelessly, but to keep your ipad tablet charged during use,connect it directly to lớn your Mac with the USB charge cable that came with your iPad.

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If you want your keyboard, mouse, or trackpad to lớn control your Mac and iPad, with the máy tính bảng ipad showing its own trang chủ Screen & apps rather than the desktop & apps of your Mac, use Universal Control instead.

Move your pointer over the full-screen buttonof a window on your Mac, then choose the option lớn move that window to lớn your iPad.


You can repeat this step for other Mac windows, or simply drag other Mac windows to and from your iPad. To lớn move a window back lớn your Mac, you can also move your pointer over the full-screen button và choose Move Window Back khổng lồ Mac.

If you want your ipad tablet to mirror your Mac screen instead of extending its desktop:

In macOS Monterey, choose a mirroring option from the Screen Mirroring thực đơn
in the thực đơn bar.1In macOS Catalina, choose a mirroring option from the AirPlay menu (
)in the thực đơn bar.2

The sidebar puts commonly used Mac controls on the side of your máy tính bảng ipad screen. It includes Command, Shift, and other modifier keys, so you can choose essential commands with your finger or táo Pencil instead of a keyboard.



Tap to lớn show or hide the thực đơn bar when viewing a window infull screenon iPad.


Show or hide your computer"s Dock on your iPad.


Command. Touch và hold lớn set the Command key. Double-tap to lock the key.


Option. Touch và hold lớn set the Option key. Double-tap lớn lock the key.


Control. Touch & hold to lớn set the Control key. Double-tap to lớn lock the key.

These Multi-Touch gesturesare particularly useful when using your ipad as a display.

Scroll: Swipe with two fingers.Copy: Pinch in with three fingers.Cut: Pinch in with three fingers twice.Paste: Pinch out with three fingers.Undo: Swipe left with three fingers, or double-tap with three fingers.Redo: Swipe right with three fingers.

To point, click, select, & perform tasks such as drawing, editing photos, & manipulating objects on your máy tính bảng ipad while it"s extending or mirroring your Mac display, you can use your táo khuyết Pencil instead ofthe mouse or trackpad connected khổng lồ your Mac.You can also use it khổng lồ write, sketch, & mark up documents while seeing the updates live on your Mac.

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Sidecar also double-tap, which you can turn on in System Preferences.Double-tap enables apps that this feature khổng lồ perform custom actions when youdouble-tap the side of your Pencil (2nd generation).

Many apps on Mac have cảm biến Bar controls that make common actions even easier.With Sidecar, you get a cảm biến Bar on your ipad tablet screen even if your Mac doesn’t have a touch Bar. Tapits controls with either your finger or táo khuyết Pencil.If the cảm ứng Bar doesn"t appear when using an tiện ích that offers cảm biến Bar controls, choose táo khuyết menu  > System Preferences, click Mission Control, then make sure that “Displays have separate Spaces” is selected.

During your session, you can type using the keyboard connected to your Mac, or you can use a keyboard connected to lớn your iPad, such as the Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard for iPad. Khổng lồ point, click, or select with a mouse or trackpad, use the mouse or trackpad connected to your Mac, oruse an táo Pencilon your iPad.

While using your ipad as a display, you canswitch to lớn an ipad app, then interact with that ứng dụng on your máy tính bảng ipad as you normally would. This suspends yoursession until you switch back to lớn the Sidecar app, which appears on your iPad home screen only while using Sidecar.


If using macOS Monterey, choose táo bị cắn menu  > System Preferences, then click Displays. Click Display Settings, then select your máy tính bảng ipad in the sidebar.

If using macOS Big Sur or macOS Catalina, choose menu  > System Preferences, then click Sidecar.

These settings are available only on computers that Sidecar.

Show Sidebar:Show the sidebar on the left or right side of your ipad tablet screen, or turn it off.Show touch Bar:Show theTouch Baron the bottom or top of your ipad screen, or turn it off.

Resolve Wi-Fi & Bluetooth issues caused by wireless interference, which can affect Sidecar performance when using Sidecar wirelessly.

1. If you don"t see this menu, choose táo bị cắn menu > System Preferences, click Dock & Menu Bar, then click Screen Mirroring in the sidebar. Select the Show in thực đơn Bar checkbox, then choose Always from the adjacent pop-up menu.

2.If you don"t see this menu, choose táo bị cắn dở menu  > System Preferences, click Displays, then select “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available”.