One Pot Pizza Pasta


Cheesy One Pot PIZZA Pasta – Easy One Pot Dinner for Families!

Pizza & pasta finally join forces in this easy one pot pizza pasta recipe! A match made in cheesy heaven. Because easy weeknight dinners should be as scrumptious as they are simple!


Now, this is a one pot pasta, so it features pasta noodles as your carb-o-licious base & not a pizza crust. BUT, I’ve dressed that pasta up pizza style with tomato sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese, some more parmesan cheese, và mini pepperonis! Because, sometimes, you’re craving pizza và pasta. Or, maybe you’ve got a split pizza vs. Pasta household. I promise, this one pot pizza pasta is sure to lớn please everyone!

Healthi-ify Pizza with a One Pot Pizza Pasta!

Okay, it’s no secret that pizza isn’t exactly the healthiest of weeknight dinner options… (Unless you’re making a veggie packed, low carb cauliflower pizza!) But, it is quite tasty, và it’s a dish kids & adults can both enjoy. So, why not take the yummy components of a pizza that everyone loves & transform them into a healthier one pot pasta?

Instead of the highly refined và ultra processed pizza crust, this one pot pizza pasta recipe gives you the freedom to include whichever kind of pasta that you want! And, even though traditional pasta isn’t the healthiest of options either (with plenty of refined grains all its own), there ARE some wholesome pasta options out there. But, you have to know how to choose healthy pasta, và what to look for on the nutrition label.

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How to lớn Choose Healthy Pasta

So, how can you pack the most nutritious fuel into your one pot pizza pasta? (Hint: check out our blog on How khổng lồ Choose Healthy Pasta to find out!) Instead, of the traditional pastas with ‘semolina’ or ‘durum wheat’ listed as the first ingredient, look for:

100% Whole Wheat và Whole Grain Pastas

Many pastas that claim khổng lồ be ‘whole wheat’ or ‘whole grain’ are still refined, or only made partially with whole grains! Now, these partially refined, partially whole grain pastas can be useful for picky eaters. Or, lớn help your family transition away from refined grains and toward 100% whole grain.

But, for maximum nutrition, I recommend making your one pot pizza pasta truly whole grain. So, look for the words “100% whole wheat/grain” on the label of your pasta & actually READ the ingredients list. A whole grain should be the first ingredient, and ALL grains & flours should have the word “whole” before them.

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If you see any kind of “enriched wheat flour,” “enriched semolina flour” or any kind of “semolina” in general, that pasta is made from refined grains! There are 100% whole wheat pastas out there, if you look for them. And, there are plenty of other whole grain pasta options:

Common Whole Grain Pasta Varieties

Quinoa pastaBrown rice pastaAmaranth pastaSpelt pastaCorn pastaKamut pastaBuckwheat (soba noodles)

Bean and/or Lentil Pastas

You can also find pastas (often with colorful noodles) that are made from nutritious beans and/or lentils! These are great gluten miễn phí and grain không tính phí pasta options, và they’re also healthier alternatives khổng lồ traditional pasta noodles.

But, because they’re unrefined, their texture can be a bit more dense and chewy than typical pasta. So, just know that chewiness is a sign you’re getting plenty of nutritious protein and fiber from the beans and lentils! Load up your bean or lentil noodles with cheesy pizza-y goodness in your one pot pasta và you’ll never notice the difference.

Ultimately, choose the pasta that’s right for you & your household! But, bởi vì be wary of ‘vegetable’ pastas. Most are simply colored green or red with a pinch of vegetable powder, but they’re still made with the same refined grains as traditional pasta!

Get informed, read nutrition labels, và you can whip up a one pot pizza pasta that’s as wholesome as it is delicious. An easy one pot dinner recipe that you’ll want khổng lồ make again and again!